5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design in 2023

Do you know 74% of web designers believe that visitors leave a website if it has a non-responsive web design (GoodFirms, 2021)? No denial; a billion people access the internet using their mobile devices these days. Hence, your website must be optimized for smaller screens and devices. On the other hand, non-responsive web design, slow loading speed, inappropriate content structure, and poor navigation make it less attractive for visitors to stay on your website for longer. Therefore, you must create a fantastic website for your business by hiring a professional website design Chicago team or agency.

Over the past few years, responsive web design has significantly dominated websites by strengthening them. The responsive web design is adaptive to the screen regardless of screen size and device. Besides, it ensures the best user experience by reformatting a website according to its screen sizes. It also provides numerous benefits to a website and complies with Google recommendations. However, you always need to hire an expert web design Chicago company to create a website that loads quickly without distortion, and users view it without resizing it manually.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design Statistics

Interestingly, there were around 2 billion internet users globally in 2010. Now, the number has exceeded 4.6 billion in 2021. Also, there were only 210 million websites in 2010, and now they have reached 1.8 million, and the number is increasing with each passing day (Statista). So, looking for certified and professional website design companies in Chicago has become imperative for your online business progression in this fierce era of digital competition.

Examples of E-Commerce Websites Using Responsive Web Design

We have compiled a list of renowned e-commerce websites that have been developed using responsive web design (RWD).

• Tommy Hilfiger

No surprise, Tommy Hilfiger’s website is responsive because not every bigger brand prioritizes creating an RWD. Their web content, page loading speed, and navigation bar are perfect. Therefore, it is easier for the customers to shop on than other retail mobile sites of some famous brands.

• Nuts.com

Nuts.com are also ahead of several bigger brands due to its unique web design strategy. You can easily follow their navigation system without spending much time. Besides, shopping on smaller devices is an effortless and straightforward procedure for customers.

• Burton

Burton is quite familiar with the fact that its customers use tablets and phones for shopping. That’s why the company has created an adaptive and user-friendly website by choosing RWD for this purpose. The users can enjoy a similar experience no matter how they shop. They have used attractive visuals and an easy grid to make the design easily open from any device.
So, providing the most pleasing user experience is the key to attracting more customers and making your website stand out from the crowd. Therefore, choosing a professional web design Chicago company can help you achieve this objective.

Significance of Responsive Web Design

Here’s how RWD benefits designers, developers, businesses, and customers.

1- Maximum Mobile Traffic

Amazingly, more than half traffic of top websites in the U.S. comes from mobile (SimilarWeb). That’s why it has become necessary for businesses to have a website that renders appropriately on similar screens so that users can easily view products or services you offer.
Some businesses create a separate version of their website for mobile users. Therefore, RWD is more likely a norm nowadays as it ensures maximum versatility by spending minimum development cost.
Remember, only the competent web design Chicago company can design a responsive website at the most affordable rates. Otherwise, you can put your money at stake.

2- Requires Minimum Maintenance

You need additional support and testing to maintain a separate mobile site. Conversely, RWD uses a standardized testing methodology to confirm the optimum layout in every device regardless of its screen size.
RWD is ‘One Size Fits All’ for your website as you don’t need to manage different content and administration for your desktop and mobile site. Gladly, it is less of a headache for developers, designers, and businesses. You can focus on content or marketing strategy when your website requires minimum or no maintenance.

3- Lower Bounce Rate

More users can visit a website when you create it user-friendly. Additionally, they stick around to a website for a longer time and explore multiple pages. On the other hand, you can never engage your visitors when you design a less-responsive website for them. As a result, the bounce rate increases, and users hesitate to visit your website in the future. The best thing about hiring a website designer Chicago or a renowned web design agency is that they design a captivating and responsive website that never fails to grab everyone’s attention.

4- Better Conversion Rate

Reducing bounce rate should not be the only objective while creating an RWD. You must ensure consistent user experience as it improves conversion rate, and you can get potential visitors for a longer time. Creating a secure and single website that functions correctly on everyone’s platform never bothers users, and they prefer visiting it in the future.

5- Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine gives equal importance to responsive web design and optimized content. Stronger backlinks and reduced bounce rate improve your website’s search ranking and make it look better for mobile users.
You don’t need to create a separate website for desktops or mobile phones as it involves extra expenditure and resources. Also, duplicate content for your mobile website can negatively affect your website’s ranking. Therefore, creating one website with all the fantastic qualities is better.

Responsive Web Design: The Future of Successful Online Business

The number of devices on the market is increasing considerably. That’s why studying RWD is becoming intricate with each passing day. Indeed, you can quickly determine the significance of a responsive web design for your website. However, finding a reliable agency for web design Chicago is not a simple procedure.

The expert web designers and developers at Wizspeed better understand your needs and are capable enough to design a website that performs optimally on every device.
So, contact us now and give a unique identity to your business by creating a distinctive and responsive web design.