9 Differences between WordPress and Custom Coded Websites

Unravel the top 9 differnces between WordPress and Custom Coded Websites.

WordPress is the most successful and renowned content management system (CMS) around the globe. A CMS is software that allows users to create, edit and publish the content as per their preferences. Users can create and publish their content easily on the websites using WordPress. Conversely, HTML is a markup language that enables users to create a static page on the websites. Custom-coded websites are built using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and related languages.
WordPress and Custom Coded Websites

As you know, WordPress has a 60% of share in the CMS market, and it powers around 15% of top-notched websites. That’s why; the overall popularity of WordPress is increasing with each passing day. However, creating a coded website is also essential for a static website that requires no noteworthy changes.

WordPress and Custom Coded Websites: Head-to-Head Comparison

Let’s start with head to head competition between WordPress and coded websites.

WordPress Coded Websites
Requires no coding skill Coding skill is needed to create highly engaging websites
Easy to use with drag and drop option Multiple lines of codes and bugs make work complicated for the developers
Thousands of pre-created templates available to use The developer needs to create everything from the scratch
More plug-ins can be added at any time to make the website more influential Additional programming tools and languages like CSS etc. are needed to make coded websites powerful
The poor learning curve, especially when someone wants to discover about coding Coder can show his creativity and design everything according to his expertise
Requires website maintenance more often Static content requires little maintenance
Better security and SEO features Everything must be added to the source code
High website hosting cost Website maintenance doesn’t require
Works faster Works little slowly

Main Differences Between WordPress & Coded Websites

Let us highlight some of the key differences for you.

1- If your content doesn’t require frequent changes and updates on the website, you can opt for coded websites without any second thought. The coded websites generally run fast due to smooth coding.

2- If you want to choose the desired template out of thousands of already created templates, then the selection of WordPress is a suitable choice for you. Also, you can easily control or edit the website designed on WordPress. Another great thing about preferring WordPress for your website creation is that you don’t need to pay a developer for any updates or content/image changes; you can do it without expertise. Indeed, WordPress is a better choice, but if you are familiar with coding, choosing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., isn’t a bad option.

3- If you want to earn or make money through your business, you must create your website using WordPress.

4- You can create, edit, and publish your content using WordPress without hiring a certified web developer. Besides, you don’t need to worry about databases or servers. As a result, it requires less time to create multiple pages without incurring much effort.

5- If you want to keep your readers updated about your product or services, you can add a separate blog section. Also, you are free to build a particular comment or email section as it is one of the most effective strategies to grab the attention of potential customers. WordPress makes it possible to add multiple pages and sections without spending much money.

6- You can connect with online business communities around the globe using WordPress. In addition, there are several tools, plug-ins, and helpful resources to assist your customers and clients from all over the world.

7- You don’t need to pay money to developers, coders, or testers to improve your website using WordPress. Therefore, that saved money can be used on other aspects of your business with WordPress.

8- Security features and SEO are some key requirements for any online business. Amazingly, all such features are available on WordPress. But using coded websites makes it difficult for you to work on such features without any development skills. You need to create separate codes for each feature. You need to pay some money to developers for this purpose.

9- If your website doesn’t require many images, content, or related features, choosing coded websites (including Bootstrap, JS, CSS, and HTML) with a static page is preferable. Generally, people ask, ‘Is CSS harder than HTML,’ so they must know that both can slow the speed of a website.

No worries, you can create a responsive website that works amazingly on the devices. But, if you want to create a website for your business promotion with a blog section, email section, SEO, security, and database, then choosing WordPress is highly recommended. You can easily install WordPress and start working on the required features because doing it using HTML can slow down the entire process.

WordPress Vs. Coded Websites: What’s Your Final Decision?

Based on the discussion mentioned above, it is pretty apparent that WordPress is a suitable option for your business. That’s why most websites are built on WordPress these days. Nevertheless, it’s not the exact case because the ultimate decision depends on the purpose behind creating the website. Therefore, you must keep it in your mind before making the final decision.

For instance, choosing WordPress is impressive if you want to create a personal and lightweight corporate website. The ultimate purpose of such websites is to keep your customers well-informed about your products or services. On the contrary, e-commerce or social networking websites require different operations as developers need to consider numerous factors before designing the website.

Therefore, opting for custom web development using unique tools and expertise is needed in that case. So, if you still want to know is HTML worth learning, then the answer is yes, mainly when you have to become a custom web developer, or you are interested in creating custom websites.

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