Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Digital Marketing Trends

To Stand Out In 2022, Brands Should Be More Concerned About Communicating Their Core Purposes and Authentic Values.

Nowadays, ‘digital marketing’ is considered one of the most important aspects to run your online business successfully. Without it, it will be hard to get the online presence your business deserves to generate maximum revenues.

Indeed, it is imperative to think out of the box and craft impressive strategies to take your business to the next level. But you must start with identifying some key stats for 2021 and how they modified the digital world.

We all have spent 2021 with some new normal and amalgamated changes 2020 left with us. We live in a more digitalized world, and this trend will continue to grow with each passing year.

2021 came to an end with some great and awful memories. But, surprisingly, it was an incredible year for digital marketing progression. According to the research findings by Statista, global digital ad spending reached $389 Billion in 2021. The overall growth rate is 17% more than in 2020, as annual growth decreased due to the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is expected that 2022 will experience evident digital growth as spending on digital marketing ads will increase by 13.3%. So, it’s time to start 2022 with some effective marketing strategies, trends, and effective planning.

Are you interested in knowing about the chicest and voguish online marketing trends for 2022?

If yes, read on the entire discussion because we have listed some impressive and effective digital marketing trends for 2022.

Strategies and Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Here are some remarkable and impressive digital marketing trends you all need to follow in 2022 if you genuinely intend to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Digital Marketing Trends

1. Introduction of Metaverse 

‘The arrival of Metaverse’ was the real talk of the town in 2021. The Facebook parenting company has changed its name to Meta about metaverse. Metaverse is a digital world where routine life actions can be carried out using a 3D avatar.

Impressively, most companies are adopting this idea and working on the concept, including Facebook and the South Korean government. ‘Epic Games’ are the pioneer of this trend as they have successfully organized multiple virtual events within their video game Fortnite.

Metaverse has already started influencing our lives significantly. AR and VR are getting massive popularity these days, and people spend most of their time online. As a result, it has changed the way we interact with everyone around the globe.

Metaverse has also affected digital marketing trends. Advertisers and business owners can target their customers easily due to the availability of online data. It helps them to create an immense experience for the users. Expectedly, people will interact more with brands online soon.

2. Human-Centric Marketing 

The marketing paradigm has evolved a lot over the past few years. From customer-centric to human-centric, everything escalated real quickly. Gone are the days when customers were considered audience. At present, customers are real business partners, and it has become essential to maintain a healthy and long-term relationship with them.

You must also adopt a human-centric approach to give a unique identity to your business.

Start asking some of the most important questions, including.

    • What kind of goals can people who are an integral part of the company achieve?
    • What is the impact of your business decisions on people?
    • How to improve the worth and value of the people who work with you?

So, how to plan better for a successful future?

We have an unusual and different answer to this concern; You need to combine a design-led approach that mainly incorporates human-centric strategy. The approach has a strong connotation with in-depth research and data analysis. The combination of human and business is powerful and impressive, and more than 90% of the business leaders are adopting this balanced approach.

3. Users Privacy is the Key Precedence 

Digital privacy is a significant concern for everyone these days. They want to connect but not at the cost of losing their confidential data. According to the research findings by BROADBANDNOW RESEARCH, consumers are getting more concerned about their data protection and online privacy policies. Sadly, more than 82% of Americans are worried about online security. However, despite this serious concern, more than 15% of the internet pages loaded are yet to be encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

That’s why; most of the companies are presenting innovative solutions that prefer users’ privacy. For instance, Apple and Google have taken significant steps to limit Cookie tracking. Also, it is expected that user data protection policies will be improved and implemented by every organization and business type.

4. The Extension of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a renowned and widespread strategy of 2021. For example, Amazon adopted a programmatic advertising policy in 2018 and became the key online advertising sector that competes with Google and Facebook. Impressively, businesses usually earn $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads. Besides, 65% of marketers plan to invest more in their PPC budget. Moreover, 35% of small businesses use PPC advertising to expand their business successfully (Google Economic Impact, Wordstream).

The trend doesn’t end here as most successful US companies, including CVS pharmacy and Walmart, have joined the bandwagon and introduced their unique programmatic solutions in the market. No denial, this promising digital marketing trend has some astonishing benefits and is expected to grow further shortly.

5. Significance of Inbound Marketing  

Indeed, marketers are well-aware of the significance of inbound marketing. According to Hubspot’s Marketing Report of 2021, Inbound Marketing is the leading marketing trend, and almost all marketers will start investing in it from 2022 and so on. However, short-form videos are still in the competition and reap positive outcomes.

Precisely, 80% of the marketers are planning to expand their investment in inbound marketing as this trend ensures considerable return on investment (ROI). The evolution of inbound marketing is extraordinary, with impressive outcomes. Indeed, it attracts users but differently, i.e., without targeting them. The adoption of flywheel methodology is another operational strategy that focuses on the feedback of multiple phases.

6. The Internet of Behaviors 

Earlier, it was the internet of things, and now it has changed to the internet of behavior. This term is entirely based on interpreting information based on individuals’ behavior, especially when using a specific technology. This way, they can develop better solutions and opportunities for the users.

It’s an incredible improvement for the business world as it improves users’ experience and advertising products according to the choices and preferences of the users.

7. Event-Centric Workflow 

Previously, email marketing workflow was quite trendy. A series of emails were started when a user met a series of specific requirements. Periodic communication was sent to him later.

Conversely, workflow mainly focuses more on events. For example, they are starting an event with a webinar session organized by a company. The company or a brand schedules preceding and consequent emails to strengthen turnout and collaboration with the content.

The event-focused email marketing gives key preference to workflow implementation to attain more customer loyalty and customer acquisition. However, as discussed earlier, this workflow works only when a user meets some specific criteria and series of requirements.

Generally, users must enter the flow, confirm automatic configuration, and get interaction adaptive to users’ significant features.

Earlier, this technique had strong connotations with the realization of events organized by a company or a brand. The workflow will send communication-related to the event. It has become more accessible for people to receive notifications and information about any event. For instance, people can keep themselves updated about communications and related details before and after the event. It effectively reinforces attendance and users’ interference.

8. Mobile Marketing Automation 

Interestingly, more than 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile phones. Nevertheless, incorporating mobile phones into marketing strategies is not enough to make your brand stand different. You need to integrate the ‘Mobile First Approach.’

So, before planning a digital marketing plan for 2022, don’t forget to incorporate a mobile automation strategy about the users that mainly includes their personal information (including device type, data, and browsing history). The provided information can create automated content streams (like sales offers, coupons, and push messages).

The introduction of one of the most effective mobile marketing tools, i.e., Artificial Intelligence, has made it easier for businesses to collect accurate data for consumers. AI took the entire mobile marketing trend to the next level in 2020, which is still going on.

Machine Learning is another effective mobile marketing tool considered a subset of AI. ML makes computerized operations easier without the most little human interaction. Both tools have made mobile marketing easier for the business world.

9. Live Stream Shopping

Live stream shopping is mainly about conducting sales sessions by live broadcasting. It has become more accessible for the public to buy the desired product online and interact with the buyers of the products. Users can also give their valuable feedback this way, and it’s the most innovative way to take your brand to the next level.

It is one of the best ideas that work perfectly in the western world. China is implementing this idea that reaps desired outcomes for the marketers. It has been analyzed that more than half of the Chinese population will attend live Stream sessions for shopping during the first half of 2022. This E-commerce trend is fantastic for fashion, beauty, electronics, and decoration sectors. It is also expected that live stream shopping will account for 20% to 25% of the E-commerce sector in 2026.

10. Live Chats and Chatbots to Sell Products 

Live chats and chatbots are preferable for the sales and lead generation process. According to the research findings by ReveChat, more than 80% of the companies have improved their overall results after introducing chatbot options on their website.

Another key benefit of this trend is that it reduces the lead generation process by making it easier for marketers. You can also track your users and their personalized offers. Moreover, you can better detect pain points users experience during their sales journey.

11. Sales Automation 

Marketing automation has become necessary for all business types regardless of their size. Interestingly, more than 30% to 35% of sales teams’ tasks can be automated these days easily.

Here is the list of some vital factors including.

    • Sharing success stories with the desired and targeted audience
    • Introduction of special discount offers for abandoned carts
    • Better task distributions among workers
    • Assign leads to agents
    • Designing a flowchart according to pending tasks and available contacts.

A company needs to introduce a sales automation process to stand out in the digital world.

12. Latest Shopping Options on Pinterest and Twitter

Shopping via social media is trendy these days for all good reasons.

Here are some novelties you all must know;

    • Back in 2021, TikTok became a shopping partner with Shopify. Generally, Tiktok shopping is a suite of solutions, advertising tools, and related features by taking business level to the next world by influencing buyers’ decisions using TikTok.
    • Pinterest has also expanded its shopping experience to several different countries. People can use pins and lenses to buy products using this app.
    • The introduction of the ‘Purchase Tab’ on Twitter in September 2021 shows the history of purchases made by users using the application.

All such trends have helped businesses a lot and earning improved impressively too.

13. YouTube Gaming

Inspired by the success of Twitch, YouTube has also updated its streaming platform to make it look more fascinating to the gamer world.

Here are some unprecedented changes, including.

    • The inclusion of remuneration method for the users inspired by Twitch.
    • Multiple payment levels based on the subscribers.
    • Probability of giving away subscription.

Another key digital marketing trend will make a significant difference in 2022.

14. Strong Branded Content Visibility on Instagram

Instagram is one of the ideal and best platforms for influencers to interact with brands. Therefore, the influencers must disclose collaboration with the brands as it’s a great way to make users aware of their products.

The introduction of the latest and updated tools by Instagram makes it effortless for the brands to promote their products in less time.

15. Google Web Stories

Nowadays, seeing stories on social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are pretty standard. But now, this content has crossed the new SEO world.

Google web stories have similar content to Instagram web stories, but its ultimate purpose is to increase the overall online presence of the website. Such web stories can appear on multiple web places, including Google’s search results, Google discovers, etc.

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