Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

We believe in creativity
How much does it cost to create a new website?

Well, different factors decide the final price. Therefore, its quite impossible to mention the exact price without knowing your requirements and expectations about the website.

You can get the idea about the website you want to build by following these steps; 

  1. Call us at +1 312-796-5599 or share your queries via email at 
  2. Answer some important questions, including the website’s nature, designs, features, etc. 
  3. We will provide you with an approximate figure based on the provided information. 
  4.  Once you are satisfied with the ballpark figure, we will share the exact quoted offers. 

It is simple to contact us. 

What is your response turnaround time?

We will respond to all your emails quickly. You can expect our first response within 90 minutes during working hours. After that, all your responses will be executed within 24 hours or before that.

What type of businesses can you help?

We are the best fit for all business types, including technology, banking, sports, entertainment, retail, medical and automotiveIn addition, we provide services to B2B and B2C businesses depending on your business goals.

Which areas do you operate in?

We help clients from all over the world. 

How long do you take to design a new website?

Usually, the exact time depends on the websites nature, design, and customer requirements. However, we can design a website for you if you have time limit in your mind.  

Do you design websites for different size companies?

Whether you have started a small business or expanding an existing business, our expert web designers and developers are always available to assist you. We are just as enthusiastic about working with small setups as large ones. We understand your business needs and turn ideas into realities.  

Do you only design WordPress websites?

Indeed, WordPress is a great content management system. But, we also design PHP, Laravel, and React JS sites.

Can you redesign the existing website?

We surely can do thatNevertheless, it is necessary to approach website redesign sensitivity to confirm legitimate reasons for your website redesignIt will also ensure that your project is a big success from an ROI point of view. 

Will you provide web maintenance services?

Yes, we provide website maintenance services to our valuable customers. We also offer ongoing support to the client when needed. You can check our monthly maintenance services package for your better understanding.

Do you design mobile-friendly websites?

Absolutely, our key objective is to design a mobile-friendly website because most users access websites from their cell phones. Our professionals work hard to ensure that your website looks amazing on all different devices.

Who writes content for the websites?

Our expert content writers and web content management team is pro at writing all website content according to your needs. As a result, wprovide unique, error-free, and attention-grabbing content to clients.  

What if I need help on my site down the road?

Our support and maintenance team is just a call or an email away. We are always available to help you as much or as little you need. Also, we will never disappear even after launching your website.

What kind of support do you provide during the app development process?

Your questions and requests will be managed through our support portal. Our key priority is to resolve your queries quickly and respond to you timely. In addition, our support and maintenance option assures that we are a responsive company and care for our client’s needs and requirements.

What if your services don't satisfy me?

We don’t hope for this. But according to our business agreement and policy, you will be paid off within 90days if you are not satisfied with our provided services. Generally, managing the account and returning payments to you requires this much time.

Can you improve my Google ranking?

Indeed, maintaining the top position in Google ranking is a daunting task these days. But thanks to our expert SEO team as they know how to optimize your website’s Google ranking using exceptional tools and impeccable expertise.

Do you provide social media and digital marketing services too?

Yes, we are a jack of all trades. That’s why; you can count on us if you want social media and digital marketing services (SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Outreach, Retargeting, Content Management, and Quality Link Building) at cost-effective rates.

How long does it take to see your SEO services results?

Google has already answered this one for you. According to Google, usually, it takes 4 months to 1 year to improve your online business presence and then see potential benefits.

What payment mode do you agree to?

We take all; PayPal, Visa, Master, Debit, and Credit.