10 Signs Its Time to Redesign Your Website

If you run a small business, owning a website to promote your business is an excellent prospect. But have you ever thought you could lose your customers due to poor web design? Yes, you heard it right, as most of the time, you need to think about when to redesign your website? to make it stand out from the crowd. No denial, your website is a vital marketing asset for your business.

However, if it appears outdated or fails to impress potential customers due to retro design, you can lose all your valuable customers every month. Therefore, you must redo your website because not all business owners know its real significance.The current post covers 10 signs it’s time to redesign your website. Read out the entire discussion carefully and grab the most relevant information
Redesign Your Website

1- When You Feel Uncomfortable Sharing Your Website’s URL

Undeniably, your website represents your business in the online digital world. However, if you promote your business and find yourself continually making excuses or giving out warnings every time you hand out business cards to potential customers, in that case, you must be thinking about redoing your website.

It is necessary to design a website that makes you feel proud of it, not ashamed of it—generally, most small entrepreneurs are unprofessional web designers to get their website done at cheap rates. You can save some buck this way, but this mistake can put you in trouble later. Therefore, choosing an expert web designing company is always preferable whether you want to create or redo your website.

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2- Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, it’s an era of technological advancement. Also, people are most of the time on cell phones for internet surfing and related purposes. So if you haven’t created a mobile-friendly website, you can’t think about taking your business to the next level.

Therefore, stop whatever you are doing right now and start working on creating a mobile-friendly website for your business progress. More than 70% of website visits come from mobile (Perficient). People use their mobile phones to browse and inquire about your business. Besides, they also prefer online shopping using their cellphone for this purpose.

If you genuinely want to win customer loyalty, you need to redesign your website according to their preferences. Hence, design your website that can be opened quickly on any mobile phone without any delay. It gives an everlasting and good impression to your Website visitors.

3- You Have Modernized or Upgraded Your Brand

It is exciting to redesign your company’s logo, slogan, or business card. But the effort can go in vain when you forget to update your website to reflect such changes better.Your customers and website visitors expect the same experience everywhere they find you. So, don’t forget to upgrade your site according to the other changes you have made for your business’s success.

4- Your Core Competitors Updated Their Website

Online competition is getting fierce with each passing day. So whether you have started an online clothing business or running an e-commerce company, it is always necessary to keep an eye on your competitors’ activities.Your competitors probably understand the importance of an updated website for their business success.

Also, they follow all the latest trends to make their website look better and attention-grabbing for the visitors. Therefore, if you feel like you are not giving enough attention to your online business compared to your competitors, you can lose some leads, visitors, potential customers, and sales almost every other day.Don’t ask when to redesign your website; start working on it if your market competitors put their blood and sweat into becoming the king of the digital world.

5- You Can’t Make Minor Changes

Interestingly, you can use hundreds of different tools to design your website these days. Most tools are easy to use with a simple CRM system and simple drag and drop options. Factually, you can build your website using those tools without any technological expertise. Yet, if you have to make minor tweaks, including text changes, image adjustments, or announcements, to be arduous on your website, investing in the website redesigning is the best decision to contemplate. Your website requires some frequent updates and amendments when your business starts growing. If your website is a blockade for the customers, you need to resolve the issue quickly before losing your customers.

6- Your Website Doesn’t Load Quickly

Surprisingly, nearly 50% of mobile users hate browsing the websites on their mobile when they take unusual loading times (Unbounce). Additionally, 73%-75% of users stop visiting a webpage when it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

You need to give key preference to customers’ or visitors’ comfort as they expect to find the desired information in no time. You can use multiple tools to check your webpage speed, including Pagespeed Insight Checker.

Once you get the score about your webpage speed, you can make changes accordingly. Think about updating or redoing a website if its loading time can put a wrong impression on visitors.

7- You Haven’t Updated Your Website for 4-5 Years

You can find some websites still performing well without any latest updates and changes. But you should know that technology moves faster, and five years on the internet looks like 100 years these days. Google continuously changes its algorithm and introduces the latest trends every other day. Besides, most extensions and plugins consider outdated these days due to raising the newest security standards. Hence, you must consider redesigning or updating websites if you haven’t updated them for more than five years.

8- Your Website is Unorganized or Complex

Unquestionably, it’s a good idea to adjust your company’s introduction, services & their descriptions, business history, achievements, and contact details on your home page before the fold. But practically, it’s not an appreciable idea to adjust everything in a single place.An unorganized and complex website can confuse your customers and make it difficult for them to buy something from your website. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid overselling everything to your customers because it seems like telling them about purchasing unnecessary products.You need a professional and uncomplicated layout to attract your customers. Reach out to us as we are here to give our professional opinion.

9- You Can’t Engage Your Customers

If you want to receive a steady amount of visitors every month, you need to create an inspiring and remarkable website. However, if your website fails to engage maximum visitors, they could ‘bounce’ and visit your competitors’ websites.A bounce is when visitors visit your website and leave it before other pages. Indeed, there isn’t a particular reason for a bounce, but unattractive web design or irrelevant content is the main reason.Also, the factors mentioned above, including a mobile-friendly website, can play their part.

10- You Haven’t Created SEO-Friendly Website

Remember; you can’t attract potential visitors or customers when your website fails to rank top on different search engines, including Bing and Google. Your website’s struggle with SEO could all reduce due to proper optimization. Therefore, you need to optimize your website soon after building it.Don’t worry if you haven’t optimized your website initially. You can still hire some SEO experts to improve your website’s ranking on major search engines.SEO optimization is essential if you want to run your online business successfully.

Redo Your Website & Design Success Through it

The well-designed website guarantees lucrative business!Good design never ages, and you need to choose the best design for your website. But, on the other hand, your outdated website puts a wrong impression on others. Therefore, it is imperative to redesign a website that wins your customers’ hearts.

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