7 Key Web Application Features That You Need To Know

Responsive web application plays a considerable role in promoting a website.

Web apps have all grown-up significantly over the past few years. But, gladly don’t force users to download a separate mobile app for an improved user experience.Every business owner desires to take their business to the next level with an exceptional custom web application. But have you ever thought about what makes an incredible web application? Generally, streaming a smooth business process is considered one of the key hindrances for business owners around the globe.

Nevertheless, designing a custom enterprise web application can help you achieve this objective. Therefore, it is imperative to incorporate some distinctive and valuable features in your web application for an excellent users experience. We will walk you through some imperative features of a successful web application in this current discussion.

Web Application Features

Key Web Application Features

Let’s explore some of the main Web Application Features.

1- Mobile-Friendly Intervention

Designing mobile apps for enterprises and businesses require a complete shift from conventional web designing techniques.Do you know why?

Because maximum users rely more on their tablets and smartphones these days, recent research findings have also confirmed that only 25%-27% of users browse the internet on their desktops away from work. Conversely, 55%-57% of users use their smartphones to use the internet at any time.

Therefore, it is quite apparent that users use their smartphones more comfortably than laptops or PCs. Therefore, developers can align different new components with mobile devices’ distinctive features to enhance the responsiveness rate of their web applications. Besides, it is imperative to integrate trending UI design into your enterprise web applications. The users from different devices must access the designed web app without a problem.

Additionally, the loading time should be quicker because users don’t wait for an app that takes considerable loading time.

2- Social Integration

Suppose you complete the registration process for a new web app, but the overall registration process is pretty time-consuming. Do you think it’s normal to complete the registration process by spending several hours, or do you find it frustrating?Indeed, it makes users tired and frustrated when they spend more time completing complicated registration forms.What is the best way out?

Gladly, every problem comes with the best possible solution. You can streamline the registration process with multiple social media platforms. Social integration makes it effortless for users to log in from the desired social media account. Besides, they enjoy the entire registration process and feel more valuable.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to integrate with the most popular social media platform. Indeed it provides benefits to users and also increases users engagement considerably.Social integration also makes it easier for users to interact with your brand better. For example, they can create their Wishlist, orders, or reviews using social platforms. Hence, social integration must be ensured while designing a new web app for enterprises.

3- Analytics and Reporting

Amazingly, analytics is one of enterprise web apps’ most prominent and informative features. You can easily track the overall performance of your web app using the analytic feature. Moreover, you can protect your data by maintaining a proper track record. As a result, users engagement and conversion improve by tracking the desired data.Indeed, every business owner wants to evolve their business. The best way to meet this end goal is to curtail information and provide prolific insights. Resultantly, you can better track the latest ongoing trends for your business’s better progression.

4- Web Push Notifications

Web push notification is a handy feature and works amazingly every time you want to engage more users. One of the most palpable things about push notifications is that they can provide you with personal channels whenever you want to connect with customers in less time.Furthermore, push notification works perfectly in less time. You can choose the desired audience based on their demographic and preferences and send a push message to them on click. Is it amazing?

Users feel like they are receiving messages from a native app even if their browser is not working actively.The recent research findings by Google have stated some impressive results, i.e., high engagements have been delivered using the push message feature. Therefore, you must integrate this feature into your web app for prompt results.

5- Live Chat

Are you running a customer-centric feature? If yes, then including the ‘Live Chat’ feature is vital, and you can’t overlook it at any cost. So you can better connect with your customers at any time and understand their pain points.This feature helps you identify and resolve users’ issues timely and quickly.

Customers feel relieved and valuable when you listen to their problems and provide them with the best possible solution. In addition, it strengthens your relationship with customers when you offer them some prompt solutions.Like chat also helps you understand users’ needs and things they expect you to improve. So, don’t you think including the ‘Live Chat‘ feature is another perfect way to stand out from the crowd by listening to users’ issues and providing them with the finest solutions.

6- Web Payments

Introducing an online payment method is a relief for customers as they can make payments without hassle. Introducing a ‘One-step’ check-out that doesn’t involve any intricacy is always recommended. For instance, billing, payment check-out methods, and shipping charges can be incorporated in a single step. Consumers can pay anytime and from anywhere without disconcerting about intricate payment methods.Thus, web payment or online payment features are also needed.

7- User Right Management

Undoubtedly, every user uses the business web app for different reasons. Therefore, creating a robust user rights management system is necessary while creating your web app. This feature is cooperative in determining who can see the provided information. You can also prevent your app from the information that’s not needed.

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