5Ds That Can Make Your Digital Marketing Game Strong

Discover 5Ds That Can Make Your Digital Marketing Game Strong and help your business to thrive!

We will continue to see a convergence of the digital and physical world. Those who conquer that trend will be market leaders. (John Phillips)

Marketing has been around us for ages, but it became an official career choice in the 1990s. Over time, it turned into a new discipline after combining with accounting, economics, and production.

‘Marketing is mainly defined as promotion activities undertaken by a company to sell its particular goods and services. It generally includes selling and delivering specific products after proper advertisement’.

The introduction of the latest technology has taken marketing to a whole new level. That’s why; consumers rely more on technology due to the digital space. Gladly, the internet has made it easier for people to pay bills, buy groceries, and book tickets in no time. All you need is a laptop, a stable internet connection, and an active bank account to enjoy online shopping and bill payment experience.

The availability of latest technology and digital improvement provides an excellent opportunity for students to kick-start their digitalized careers and earn some lucrative salaries.

No denial, the virtual world has now become the new norm, and everyone is getting used to it and making the most out of it. In the rising era of the internet, the world has become a global village – and strong relationship of everyone around the globe.

Distance doesn’t matter now because you can interact with everyone with one click. Another perk of digital marketing is that it has enabled people to provide and acquire all different types of services including, website development, software development, digital marketing, etc.

Nevertheless, there exist some evident differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing. You all need to know such differences for better understanding.

Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing: What are the Key Differences?

Here’s what you need to know to understand better whether you are a part of the digital world or following some traditional norms.

  • Traditional Marketing

Have you witnessed different advertisements in your routine life, including flyers, billboards, and television ads?

We are sure you must have!

So, traditional advertisement is all about running different long-run promotion campaigns until your company starts earning considerable profit.

Generally, traditional marketing follows four important and renowned strategies.

  • Broadcast Media: Television and radio are the best medium for this purpose.
  • Print Media: Magazines ads, newspapers, flyers, and billboards are used for promotion.
  • Direct Mails: Promotion letters and catalogs are considered better for this purpose.
  • Telemarketing: Direct calls to potential customers to promote products and services.

The traditional marketing methods are still trendy, and most companies opt for them for their brand or product promotion.

  • Digital Marketing

Nowadays, most SMEs and large entrepreneurs have started using digital marketing strategies for prompt and effective promotion of their brand, product, or services.

One of the remarkable things about digital marketing is that you can use more than one electronic media platform for your brand promotion. You can also use different channels to analyze the ongoing campaign’s effectiveness better.

The critical difference between traditional and digital marketing is that you can use digital marketing tools to determine the success rate of your digital campaigns. Also, it helps you in analyzing sales conversion and related facts. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing has more scope for youth. That’s why; the immense popularity of the web makes digital marketing an impressive career for everyone.

The Important 5Ds for Digital Marketing Game

5Ds is a collection of multiple opportunities for consumers and makes it comfortable for them to interact with the brand and get to know more about the targeted audience.

So, if you are wondering how your business would go, once you are done with all the technical and legal matters – hire experts and let their digital marketing services make your business stand out from the crowd.

Amazingly, the vast umbrella of digital marketing has immense benefits. The literal meaning of digital marketing is to expose your business to a set audience, but on a digital scale, hence a substantial variable scale. It is a cost-effective tool that provides convenience, and accurate demographic targeting yet enables faster and easier result measurement and tracking.

Let’s briefly discuss all the different 5Ds of digital marketing game separately.

Before we proceed further, let us explain that the 5Ds cater to efficient interaction and communication between the brand and its target audience. They provide insights into market behavior for better business strategy formulation and implementation.

1- Digital Devices

Digital devices, the first of the 5Ds. It significantly focuses on the interaction and engagement of the target audience on websites and mobile applications using a combination of connected devices. Digital devices enable the audience to interact with potential brands. They can use multiple methods and digital devices for interaction.

Here are some popular devices;

  • Television
  • Laptop
  • Mobile Phones
  • Gaming Devices

All such devices connect the audience with the brand immediately without any hindrance.

What is the Usage of Digital Devices?

Nowadays, people use their mobile phones more than laptops or personal computers. Interestingly, more than 70% of the population owns a mobile phone, and around 80% of smartphone users have purchased goods online using their phones. That’s why; the ongoing trend of online shopping using a smartphone is accelerating with each passing day. That’s why; you need to design digital devices by focusing latest digital marketing strategies.

2- Digital Platforms

A browser is another key platform for making the interaction between audience and brands easier. Indeed, several digital platforms exist, but social media is considered famous for good reasons. Interestingly, social media receives more than 10,000,00 users daily.

Browsers and application digital platform incorporates;

  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • YouTube

All such platforms yield positive outcomes when you implement proper digital marketing strategies.

What is the Usage of Digital Platforms?

Search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing are essential for the customers’ buying journey. In addition, people use search engines to find the solution to a particular problem.

3- Digital Media

Digital media addresses paid, owned, and earned communications channels that are utilized to build engagement with the target market through several ways such as advertising

  • E-mails
  • Text Messaging
  • Search Engines
  • Social Networks

Such communication channels make interaction easier.

What is the Usage of Digital Media?

Companies can share new ideas about products and recent launches with their customers with different social media strategies, including Email. Social listing is another effective tool that is quite observant across social media, and people can share their views about your brand under the comment sections.

4- Digital Data

Digital data primarily consists of audience profiles, engagement systems, and business patterns. Moreover, digital technology focuses on building interactive experiences across a wide range of platforms, from your websites and mobile apps to your in-store counters and kiosks.

Here are some other effective ways to collect your data digitally;

  • App Installation
  • Website Contact Forms
  • Surveys
  • Event Signs-up
  • Contests
  • POS

You need to hire experts for such data collection purposes.

What is the Usage of Digital Data?

Data collection makes it convenient for you to collect reliable data about customers. In addition, the provided information helps in re-target your audience and running more campaigns based on provided results.

5- Digital Technology

Digital technology is the cohesive system of the above-mentioned Digital marketing components. Therefore, everything that is done under the umbrella of digital marketing is hosted and catered to by today’s advanced digital technology.

Electronic devices, tools, equipment, resources to create, manage and store data. For instance, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, etc. The essential purpose of digital technology is to build interactive experiences using multiple platforms.

Artificial intelligence is an effective way for companies to collect relevant data about potential clients and targeted audiences. The collected data is used for multiple purposes, including;

  • Chatbots
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Predictive Research

What is the Usage of Digital Technology?

The ultimate purpose of using digital technology by each company is to provide the best user experience to customers and better promote their business.

Do You Want to Become a Successful Digital Marketer? 

All 5Ds mentioned above are essential and play a significant role in gaining an unparalleled edge in digital marketing campaigns. From conventional marketing to digital technology, they have effectively transformed the industry to bring more effective means to increase brand awareness to the table and thrive in the most technologically centered era that tends to be challenging and competitive.

You can use digital devices and content to become a successful digital marketer. In addition, you can build up a strong relationship between businesses and customers by using updated digital technology. Amazingly, Wizspeed can also help you with it as we are always available to offer top-quality and up to the mark digital marketing strategies.

Our digital marketing experts can make your business different by thinking out of the box and providing you with creative and innovative solutions.

So, contact us now and become the king of the digital world.