Refund Policy

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Wizspeed has prepared this refund policy to explain a situation under which we provide a refund. The policy includes refund claiming procedure and our responsibility in the circumstances resulting in such a claim. Registering for any of our provided services declares that you accept and agree with the terms and conditions we mentioned in the refund policy.

We collect all the relevant information to improve our website content, notify our clients about the updated website, and find out the issues with their requests. You can inform us through email if you don‘t want to receive an email from us in the future.

Scope & Coverage

  • Our refund policy covers the refund by Wizspeed or a website managed/owned by us.  
  • This policy does not apply to companies not owned or controlled by Wizspeed. Also, the policy has no application for persons not employed by Wizspeed. It mainly includes third-party policy and third-party websites linked with us.

Filing a Complaint

  • At Wizspeed, we accept projects after a proper product insight. It is equally important to consider all the critical aspects before accepting a project. We believe in making genuine efforts to find the ideal solution according to the client’s requirements. We deliver solutions after discussing everything with the clients. Hence, refunds should only be considered when things are totally out of hand.  
  • We try our best to find the best possible solution to resolve the issue. However, even if you are not satisfied with our services and want to claim a refund, you are requested to take some time to write to us at for a final discussion before you claim a refund.  
  • You can file a refund claim if we cannot reach a common ground after a final dialogue with you.

Refund Eligibility

At Wizspeed, every project is essential to us, and we use exceptional skills and expertise for the perfect delivery of a project. Our key objective is to provide you with the best possible solutions according to the agreed terms and conditions we mentioned in the proposal. However, we consider a refund policy despite taking every measure if the client is not satisfied with the provided results and opt for dispute resolution process.

Refund policy related to every service is listed separately.

App Design/Web Design/Web Management Services

  • Full Refund: In cases if the project has not started yet, the client can claim a full refund policy, but it will be initiated after receiving the upfront date. Usually, it takes 180 days to refund claimed amount.

WordPress Specialist

  • Full Refund: The project has not been started yet, the client can claim a full refund policy, but it will be initiated after receiving the upfront date. Usually, it takes 180 days to refund claimed amount.

There is a specific agreement for all web maintenance and WordPress development project. Nevertheless, if there is no pre-mentioned agreement or discussion about the refund policy, the following delivery policy will be considered acceptable.

Digital Marketing Services

Note: Wizspeed‘s delivery commitment is subject to.

  • Full RefundIf the SEO experts/Web Developers and Designers have not started the project yet.  
  • Proportionate RefundIt will be decided according to the proportion of work done until the client chooses to cancel the project.
  • No RefundOnce the service has been provided, the client can claim any refund policy. If the client is not satisfied with the delivered project, he must immediately discuss the matter with our project manager and ask for any discounts for the work loss. Negotiation will not be entertained later. 

Liability's Limit

Wizspeed‘s liability is guaranteed by the value of the project‘s proportion (according to the proposal) which remains partial at a given point of time. Therefore, we are not obliged for losses due to delay in services or unexpected project delivery at any point in time. The project‘s liability holds when a client cancels the project and discusses everything with Wizspeed in writing. Moreover, we have a refund restriction that include; 

  • Refund not applicable on premium template sites.

  • Refund not applicable once three rounds of revisions are requested.

  • Refund not applicable on any service where a 3rd revision request had been made.

  • Refund not applicable on requests for a refund beyond seven (7) calendar days of the first payment.

  • Refund not applicable on bulk hour purchases – in full or in part.

  • Refund not applicable to marketing and SEO campaigns of any kind.

  • Refund not applicable on SEO services.

  • Refund not applicable on any form of graphic design or web design services.

Refunding Process

Wizspeed will process the partial refund within 180 business days after the project cancellation after mutual discussion. After that, the payment will be transferred according to the pre–decided payment mode (decided before the project’s initiation), i.e., refund via credit card or refund by check.

  • Full Refund will be processed and mailed within 50 business days after the project’s cancellation after mutual discussion. The payment will be transferred according to the pre-decided payment mode (decided before the project’s initiation), i.e., refund via credit card or refund by check. 


Wizspeed may, at any time, without any prior notice, under its sole discretion can amend this policy from time to time. Therefore, you are requested to review our refund policy regularly. In addition, your repeated use of the Wizspeed website after any modifications automatically entails your approval of the same from there.

Our Contact Details Regarding Refund Policy

You can contact us at if you have any queries and suggestions about our refunding policy.