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Look no further if you need professional illustrators in Chicago to create storyboard illustrations for your business. We are professional illustration designers in Chicago, taking pride in creating illustrations that visually depict narratives and stories, perfect for presentations, animations, and marketing campaigns.

At WizSpeed, we understand that every brand is unique. That’s why we provide customized illustration solutions which align with your brand’s voice and objectives. Our skilled and experienced illustrators excel in various artistic styles and techniques. They ensure that the illustrations they create maintain consistency with your brand guidelines, reinforcing your brand identity.

Why Our Illustration Designing Services Stand Out From Other Illustration Services Provides In Chicago

Our illustration designing services serve a wide range of industries and applications, including:

Advertising and Marketing

Engage and attract your target audience with visually captivating illustrations for advertising campaigns, brochures, social media posts, and digital marketing materials.


Enhance your book covers, editorial illustrations, and children’s books with illustrations that bring stories to life and captivate readers.


Create eye-catching product illustrations that showcase your product’s features, benefits, and unique selling points on your e-commerce platforms.

Brand Identity

Develop a strong visual identity and reinforce brand recognition through custom illustrations that appear on your website, packaging, stationery, and marketing collaterals.


Illustrate educational materials, infographics, and learning resources to facilitate understanding and engage students of all ages.

Event Promotion

Create visually appealing illustrations for event invitations, posters, and promotional materials. 

Illustration Designing

Illustration Design Across Industries: Discover Endless Possibilities That Our Illustration Designing Services Can Open For Your Business

At WizSpeed, we offer a comprehensive range of  illustration designing services which include

Custom Illustrations

We create tailor-made illustrations from scratch, ensuring they are unique and represent your brand’s personality and vision.

Branding Illustrations

Our illustrators design illustrations that reinforce your brand’s identity, helping you establish a strong and cohesive visual presence.

Digital Illustrations

Our team specializes in digital illustrations, utilizing the latest tools and software to create high-quality, scalable, and versatile illustrations suitable for various digital platforms.

Character and Mascot Illustrations

We design charming and appealing characters and mascots that add personality and memorability to your brand.

Storyboard Illustrations

Our illustrators create storyboard illustrations that visually depict narratives and stories, perfect for presentations, animations, and marketing campaigns.

Illustration Designing That Makes An Impact

Improve your brand’s visual appeal with our eye-catching yet compelling custom illustration designs. Our professional illustrators bring your ideas to life, creating unique and engaging visuals that make a positive impact on your business. 

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