Advantages and Features of Custom WordPress Development

discover the Advantages and Features of Custom WordPress Development in this article.

WordPress was released seventeen years ago and remained the most famous Content Management System (CMS) on this planet. Interestingly, the 5.9 version of WP has been downloaded more than 19 million times, and the number is still growing with each passing day. However, there is no denying; several website templates are available online, but WordPress Custom Theme for a website is considered an excellent choice due to its endless benefits.

Creating a custom WordPress theme is always preferable as WP is quite ‘democratic’ and can be used for all types of websites. Whether you want to publish your blogs or create an online store, WP is an ideal choice to make your business shine on the web. Surprisingly, globally renowned enterprises, including Bloomberg, Microsoft, and Mercedes-Benz.

Don’t you think it’s necessary to know what makes WP popular? One of the most remarkable things about WordPress Custom Theme is that it can be downloaded from open sources. Additionally, it is easily manageable and enjoys massive community support. Finally, the availability of unlimited ready-to-use plug-ins caters to every business according to the products or services they offer.

Custom WordPress Development

However, you can also create a custom WordPress theme if you want to include some distinctive features on your website. Nevertheless, we recommend you hire expert WordPress developers to create a WP theme website for your online business.

Types of WordPress Theme

Before we explain several types of WP themes, let us briefly introduce the theme concept. A theme is a set of files defining a website’s layout and appearance. The files include images, templates, JavaScript, CSS & PHP files, etc.
The website’s theme is like a vessel, and you can fill it with the desired content and required information.

Here’s how you can obtain a theme;

  • You can download a free WP theme from a vendor’s website
  • You can buy a premium theme that offers some exclusive features
  • You can create a custom WordPress theme by hiring expert web developers for this purpose.

Undeniably, you can download a WP theme for free or buy a premium version but hiring expert WP specialists is always a fantastic idea to design a website according to your business preferences, especially when you are clueless about how to create your own WordPress theme.

Advantages of Custom WordPress Development

There are several advantages of creating a customized WordPress website, but we have highlighted some major ones for you.

• Easy to Install:

Easy to Install: The fantastic thing about WP theme is that it is easy to install and use. You can save considerable development time and money by installing desired WP theme in no time.

Intuitive Interferences: The availability of intuitive interferences makes it simple for WP developers to use them without difficulty. Gladly, new developers can easily use this platform without much knowledge and expertise. That’s why; adding new images, content, pages, and videos is like a breeze for the developers.

Customizable: Another salient feature of WP theme is that you can customize it easily without spending hours. You only need to collect users’ requirements to create a personalized WP website for them.

Variety of Plug-ins: WP has a vast array of plug-ins. You can use them to create a website that better grabs the attention of visitors and potential customers. Also, it is easy for the developers to build custom plug-ins that help them create a customized website per clients’ requirements. It is one of the key reasons developers prefer creating a personalized website.

High-End Features and Functionalities: Another benefit of a customized plug-in is that web developers can add high-end features and functionalities to a website that ensures the finest customer’s experience. Hence, hire a skilled web developer to make your website look distinctive.

A plethora of Themes: The ultimate objective of every business is to stand out from the crowd in this cutthroat era of fierce competition. That’s why; WP is considered the best option for website development. Therefore, most newly established businesses hire WP developers to create a website for them.

Open-Source Platform: WP is an open-source platform, and it’s exceptionally unique for businesses. The programming code is also easy to understand for the newbie web developer. That’s why; web developers with minimum PHP knowledge can also customize plug-ins, modify themes, etc.

SEO-Friendly Websites: You can create SEO-friendly websites using WP themes. It’s the primary reason most WP sites rank top on Google search rankings. It happens because codes are uncomplicated, and search engines can index and rank them on top pages.

Easily Scalable: WP is easily scalable. You can edit any time and add desired content, images, and features. As a result, you don’t need to worry about website performance as you can add many features without affecting the website’s performance.

Security Features: The security of pre-made plug-ins is a crucial concern of most web developers. However, using a customized WP theme is a secure option for you as you can add a customized feature to create a well-protected website.

Support and Maintenance: WP ensures constant support without any hurdle. Web development companies provide customized WP plug-ins and uninterrupted support and maintenance services.

So, how to create your WordPress theme should be a concern anymore, mainly when you have hired certified WP developers for this project.


We recommend you create a website on WordPress if you want to stand out from the crowd and want an SEO-friendly website with exceptional speed and excellent scalability.

Wizspeed can help you create a WordPress Custom Theme for your business. You can contact us any time to make a highly scalable and easy-to-manage WordPress website for you.