What is The Future of Mobile App Development in 2024

With smartphones being so pervasive today, it is easy to forget recently introduced mobile apps. The first mobile phone was introduced in the 1970s, but since then, mobile app development has gone through various reiterations and changed our lives significantly. Mobile app trends are revolving drastically as the introduction of AI, VR, and VR technologies are influencing the course of mobile app development trends with each passing day.

Have you ever thought about the future of mobile applications due to ongoing changes in mobile app development trends?

Let’s discover the Future of Mobile App Development in 2024 and beyond.

Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development & Its Latest Updates

Interestingly, users downloaded 28 billion apps from Google Play Store and 7.9 million apps from App Store in 2021 (Source: Statista; Q1, 2021). Moreover, US consumers are expected to spend more than $34million on apps via app stores due to continuing mobile app trends.
There are more than 7 billion app users globally. Besides, they download 30-35 apps on their mobile phones.

Indeed, they do not use all these apps and uninstall them when the app stops working correctly or slows down the mobile’s speed. Nevertheless, nothing can stop the progress of the mobile app development industry as users love mobile apps. Amazingly, startups and enterprises have also started introducing their mobile apps as an ideal way to take their business to the next level in this digital era of fierce competition.

Therefore, the future of app development is bright, and companies are focusing more on introducing a mobile apps with exceptional features and attributes. Hence, it is essential to introduce an app that stands out from the crowd. Your startup or enterprise needs to adopt the latest trends and technologies to stay ahead. Furthermore, they need to follow an effective app development strategy that works because it can help you design a functional mobile app for your business progression.

Keep reading to know more about the importance of mobile apps for users these days.

Significance of Mobile Apps for Users

Users find it easy to hook to your app if you have introduced a mobile app for your online business.

Here’s the significance of mobile apps these days.

  • Helpful: Indeed, your app can offer features like any other app on the app store. However, you need to figure out things your app misses. Then, try adding these features to make your app handy for the users.
  • Practical: Design an app with unique features and purpose. It is imperative to design an app after considering your users’ needs and requirements. Therefore, your app must focus on significant components.
  • Engaging: No one can deny the significance of a first impression, and your app is not an exception here. Try introducing an exciting app (especially the initial screen) as it’s the perfect way to attract your potential users.
  • Speedy With Good Performance: Users like an app that installs quickly and performs well. That’s why; your app should focus on this aspect too.

Hiring an expert mobile app developer can help you identify an effective mob app monetizing strategy. That’s why; hire experts and let them design the app for your company, as the future of app development relies on them.

Future of Mobile App Development in 2024 & Beyond

We are introducing some mobile app trends changing everyone’s life in 2022 and beyond.

• Integration of Internet of Things and Clouds

IoT and cloud clouding are some emerging technologies.
Precisely, cloud computing supports IoT by performing like a front-end. Its main concept is to enable users to complete computing jobs using services delivered via the internet.
There are endless benefits of IoT and cloud integration. For instance, they make data processing and storage simpler for the users. Furthermore, they improve productivity and collaboration by minimizing the hosting cost.

• AI in The Future of Mobile Applications

AI is one of the most popular mobile app trends in 2022 and will also remain famous in upcoming years. It simplifies the app development process by introducing personalized app experiences per users’ needs and requirements. The AI revenue in 2023 is expected to reach around $80 billion (about $250 per person in the US).
Due to their demand, more AI apps are expected to develop (using machine learning algorithms and predictive analysis). Moreover, such apps will introduce enticing features, including image recognition, face recognition, text classification, image classification, etc.

• Swift Programming Language

Swift Programming Language is the future of app development for all good reasons. That’s why; it is commonly known as a mobile app trend that improves your app development speed and reduces cost.
Nowadays, most app developers use Swift to design a mobile app. However, this language introduces some unique features every developer can understand even if they don’t know them.

• AR & VR

AR, VR, and mixed marketing will be expected to reach $300 billion in 2024. AR and VR will change the working of mobile games till 2026. People have already started shifting from PCs to AR and VR as it makes ticket booking, watching, playing mini-games, and trading more manageable for people.

• 5G Technology

This wireless 5G technology is capable enough to change the overall landscape of mobile app development. Indeed, 5G is introducing exceptional speed and clasping keys to a luxurious life shortly. Moreover, the introduction of 3D gaming is also part of this 5G. That’s why; users love using it.

Mobile App Development is the Key to Your Business Success

Based on the discussion mentioned above, it is evident that mobile app trends are changing rapidly due to some apparent reasons. Therefore, you must consider introducing a mobile app for your business as it’s the quickest way to make your startup or enterprise shine on the web.

You can contact Wizspeed as our app development team can help you design an app that best represents your business.