Key Differences Between Graphic Design and Web Design

Generally, people assume that graphic design and web design are similar skills. Indeed, there are some crossovers, but surprising differences make them distinct. Therefore, knowing those differences makes them different from each other is imperative.

On the Venn diagram of creativity, graphics, and web design share some similarities. For instance, both must understand typography, basic principles of design, and graphic design.

The Fundamental of Graphic Design

Mainly, graphic designers’ crucial role in creating brochures, magazines, and book covers. Additionally, they also work on creating posters and logos for businesses. Nowadays, most of this work has shifted online after the latest software and digital marketing introduction.

Despite all this, the core focus of graphic designing is still focusing on typography, color theory, and layouts. A graphic designer must create all design features that primarily contribute to imagery.

The noticeable difference between web and graphic design is that graphic designers are more concerned about the immediate effect of visuals in any medium.

The Fundamental of Web Design

Conversely, the main focus of web designers is to improve user experience. Therefore, they also emphasize enhancing a website’s user interface. Nevertheless, it is equally essential for them to realize the basics of color theory or technology. Therefore, they work more on how a website processes than what it looks like.

A web designer works on arranging images and content as such factors considerably contribute to providing a seamless experience to users.


Let’s start exploring what makes web design different from graphic design.

Graphic Design and Web Design | Key Differences

There are several differences between Graphic Design and Web Design, but we have highlighted some key differences for you.

• Interactivity

One of the key ways to tell if a web designer and graphic designer designs a website is whether the developed website is interactive or not. Graphic designers mainly focus on creating static elements of a website. For instance, if you have to design a website logo, you must hire logo designers. Besides, they add all those elements that don’t require many changes more often.

On the other hand, web designers are responsible for managing the interactive component of a website. For instance, web designers create clickable buttons, videos, website menus, and motion graphics. So anything you can click or changeable is designed by web designers.

• Technical Expertise Needed

There is a massive difference between the expertise of a web designer and a graphic designer. Graphic designers use different software, including InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop, while designing any poster, logo, or magazine.

In contrast, web designers must know several coding languages, including CSS and HTML, to design a website. So, a web designer needs a complete understanding of codes and commands to design a website that looks amazing. It clearly shows that a graphic designer can never work like a graphic designer without this additional expertise and skillset.

• Broader Design Application

Another considerable distinction between the two jobs is that there occurs a difference between the necessity to accommodate various displays. For example, a graphic designer can create an attractive design without thinking about the device where these designs will be displayed. They can design the same image for printing and screening purposes, as size is not always a problem for them.

However, it’s a significant impediment for web designers. They need to design a responsive website that functions correctly on every device, including laptops, PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and screens of different sizes. All such differences need to be considered by web designers to ensure the best user experience. It’s not easy to create a responsive web design that fits on every screen and looks perfect to everyone.

Overall, the primary purpose of web design and graphic design is to create an interactive website, but some differences can’t be overlooked.
Therefore, hire the right person according to your website’s needs and requirements.

Wizspeed Leads Ways in Web Design and Graphic Design

Nowadays, building an efficient and beautiful website is not easy as it requires an exceptional skillset. Moreover, it is imperative to hire a web designer or graphic designer according to your website needs.

If you intend to include static elements on your website, you should look for a competent graphic designer. On the other hand, hire web designers to design an interactive website for your business.

Gladly, Wizspeed can create an innovative website for your business. Contact us, and let us make your website easy on the eyes.