Why is the Latest Version of WordPress Preferable These Days?

Every time the latest version of WordPress comes out, users always want to know whether it’s safe to update the latest WP version or not. It is normal to ask why it is important to keep your website updated because website updates can have a direct influence on your online business. Nevertheless, it is preferable to discover the pros and cons of updating a WordPress website before making the ultimate decision.

Latest Version of WordPress

Currently, we are highlighting the significance of using the updated version of WordPress. We will also thoroughly explain how to update your WordPress using some simple steps.
As you know, WP is free and developed by a community of developers. With every release, developers try to include the latest features, fix bugs, and update the existing features according to ongoing trends and requirements. So, using the latest version of WordPress is the best way to keep your website updated and stand out from the crowd.
Let’s see why it is important to keep your website updated and the pros and cons of using the latest version of WordPress.

• Security

Security is one of the key concerns that make it essential for you to keep your WP website up to date. WP powers around 30% of all the websites globally (W3Tech, 2022). The immense popularity of WP makes it a common target for hackers, data thieves, and malevolent code distributors.

As you know, WP is an open CMS (Content Management System); everyone can edit it at any time. But unfortunately, it also shows that hackers can efficiently study it to find the quickest ways to break into websites.

You must know that not all hackers are bad. The number of good hackers is surprisingly more than the bad ones. That’s why security experts worldwide can study the codes and produce the best feasible way to keep such bugs at bay. Whenever a security vulnerability is reported, the professional WP development team works attentively to release an update that fixes glitches, bugs, and issues. It also shows that if you are not using an updated version of WP, there is always a great probability of security breaches and website vulnerability. Hackers can look for the websites by running an obsolete version, and they can ruin your website in no time.

Surprisingly, hackers not only hack WP websites but can also exploit the plugins. Therefore, every time you think about updating your WP website, ensure that you have updated its theme and plugins.

Keep an eye on the latest WordPress trends and update your website without any delay.

• Amazing Latest Features

Every time WP includes the latest updates, it comes with some fascinating and valuable features. For example, a block editor was introduced in WordPress 5.0 version. WordPress 5.3 added UI improvement and accessibility. Similarly, you can add new blocks due to the availability of a block editor in the WordPress 5.4 version.

So, if you are still using an outdated version of WP with outdated details, you can never experience some latest features and updates. You can also find it challenging to use WP help online if you are still using the obsolete version.

• Prompt Speed

The ultimate objective of WP developers is always to make things fast. Therefore, every latest release has some impressive performance improvement that makes WP work faster and more efficiently.

For example, WordPress 4.1 focused more on improving complicated queries. As a result, it improved the site’s performance using the queries—similarly, the navigation menu and JS performance were significantly enhanced in the WordPress 4.2 version.

You should know that speed plays a vital role in affecting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance. That’s why; keep your WordPress website updated to strengthen your online business presence.

• Fixes Glitches & Bugs

Despite the meticulous testing of general releases, it is common to experience some bugs while using a WP website. That’s why there are always minor WP releases to fix such bugs. For example, there were more than 20 bugs in the 4.2 WP version. So, the WP developers fix those bugs by introducing the 4.2.3 version.

Every time you visit the WP support forum, they ask you to update the outdated version because it helps you fix bugs and glitches. If you are reluctant to update WP, you must know that you can’t receive help from the support forum.

• Compatibility

Plugins and theme developers coordinate their updates with significant WP releases to ensure they have benefited from the latest WP features.

Nonetheless, any update can sometimes break your existing WP plugins if they don’t follow the latest coding standards.

That’s why always maintain the backup of your WP to avoid any inconvenience.

Here’s how updating WP can benefit a website;

  • WordPress security gets better with time
  • Fast speed
  • Introduction of existing WP features
  • No bugs and glitches
  • Better and compatible website

Undoubtedly, the discussion mentioned above has made it evident that updating a WP website is necessary if you want to create a competitive website.

Now let’s move on to the next step, i.e., how to update a WP website.

How to Update Latest Version of WordPress

You can easily update your WP website’s themes, plugins, and features. Follow these steps to update a WP website and make it bug-free.

  • Visit WordPress Dashboard for updates or get an email notification for the updates
  • Auto install the available updates
  • Use WP config-file to enable auto-updates

Remember, updating the WP website is not an impossible task, even if you are not a pro-WordPress web developer. However, we still recommend you hire WordPress specialists every time you think about updating WP plugins, themes, or pages.

Wizspeed can also help you install the latest WordPress version because our competent WP developers can professionally fix bugs and glitches.