Mobile App or Website: What’s Best for Your Set-Up?

Surprisingly, the release of updated iPhone models has increased the user base of mobile phones globally. That’s why; almost all businesses look for the mobile-first model. Conversely, most of the research studies have confirmed that majority of the app users feel annoyed due to app glitches, and they tend to use a maximum of three apps at most. You can easily use web apps as their competition is simple and easily manageable.

What to choose ‘a Mobile App or Website’?

Mobile App or Website

These questions swirl in business owners’ minds and require them to develop the best possible solution. Interestingly, most high-profile businesses, including Zomato, Uber, and Instagram, have heavily invested in mobile-app experience to grab the attention of potential users. But, conversely, JIRA, Airbnb, and InVision are still stuck to the web app version and not changing their plan any time soon.

It’s better to discuss cases where custom app development can flourish your business and run efficiently on tablets and smartphones. Additionally, the discussion of web apps is equally important to determine whether they can be browsed easily or not.

Let’s delve into both apps individually and how they enhance your business development. Also, you can better decide which option suits your product ideas by exploring a series of exciting questions.

Do You Know What is Your Product Goal?

‘Starting your business without a goal is like sailing a ship with no destination.’

No business can run successfully without a clear and long-term goal. So, start your business with a practical purpose, apart from generating maximum revenues.

Indeed, there are endless interesting ways to determine your goals but consider two things first, i.e., validation of your idea and in-depth research on the targeted audience.

The fundamental research should focus on validating your products and how the targeted audience consumes online information.

So, make sure that you are clear about the focused audience and products/services you intend to provide them.

Have You Validated Your Idea With an MVP?


A new idea without a specific or targeted audience is quite useless. You don’t need to develop the final product immediately. Instead, launch an MVP before introducing your new product to the market. As per MVP’s assumptions, you must test your app with a ‘beta’ version of the product before presenting the complete version.

The remarkable thing about using MVP for a product launch is that it reduces the risk of launching your product with glitches and bugs. Additionally, you can determine whether the demand is adequate using the available data.

Comprehend Your Customer Behavior


Remember, understanding your customers’ behavior is not a piece of cake. First, however, you need to decide the most suitable platform for them. Then, you can use the collected data (through MVP) for research and analysis purposes during the initial stages.

Please spend some time analyzing whether people use a mobile phone to access your website or open it from desktops. Also, figure out the OS they use and pages they visit more frequently.

The collected data is quite beneficial in making the final decision simple. For example, you can decide whether to introduce a custom mobile app for your website or a perfect web app for you. Sometimes, the introduction of both web and mobile app is needed. Therefore, make your decision wisely after considering every single aspect properly.

Is it Essential for You to Access the Native Features of a Smartphone?


Have you introduced device location and leverage features, including sensor or camera? If yes, you must opt for a native mobile app without any second thought.

A native mobile app better controls these features and provides excellent stability. Additionally, web apps can’t send users an in-app or geo-push notification. Nevertheless, the essential trouble is creating an app that perfectly works for iOS and Android.

You need to come up with a smart solution, i.e., create an app for the most popular platform (being used by your users). Then, once you have developed the app for a user-friendly platform, you can think about introducing others too.

Significance of Mobile App for Your Business in 2022


Interestingly, most research findings also confirm the significance of mobile app for your business development. According to Pew Research, more than 85% of Americans use mobile, and their percentage is escalating with each passing day. The percentage is around 90% for individuals aged 19 to 49.

Considering that most users use mobile devices these days, it is always a remarkable idea to grow your business by introducing an app that works perfectly on iOS and android mobile devices.

Currently, we are highlighting the significance of mobile apps for your businesses, especially when you are starting a new venture.

–  Boosts-up Sales


What is the goal of every brand owner? Undoubtedly, every business owner wishes to generate maximum revenue and increase brand awareness among the targeted audience. Whether you are running an E-commerce business or starting an online restaurant, an increase in the sale of your product or services is the best thing that can take your business to the next level.

Mobile apps can help you in achieving such goals and objectives. Research studies also confirm that mobile apps can be significantly associated with generating more sales for your business. This is because people use their mobile apps more often to explore your brands and business type. The more time they spend examining your app, the more likely they purchase your products.

Customers use mobile more than desktops for buying your products. More than 60% of the E-commerce sale will come from mobile phones in 2021 (SaleCycle). You can take advantage of customers’ habits by introducing an app that works flawlessly on mobile phones.

–  Your Business Stands-Out in Cutthroat Competition


Running a new set-up is never a simple task. First, you need to introduce strategies to compete with big brands and make your business stand out from the crowd. You must satisfy your customers with effective brand awareness campaigns.

That’s why; we recommended you design a mobile app for your newly established business and take advantage of it like every other big-brand is taking.

Examples of Mobile App Development for New Businesses


Mobile apps can give a unique identity to your brand in no time. Here are some impressive examples, including;

In-app ordering makes it convenient for start-ups to provide an excellent mobile experience like H&M and Zara.

    • The introduction of loyalty schemes by coffee shops can impress customers like Starbucks.
    • Live streaming apps can help users stay updated and deal with big names, including the BBC.
    • Like most big and five-star hotels, you can go for online hotel reservations.The fantastic thing about introducing such apps is that they create a healthy competition for the start-ups and show impressive performance like big brands.

– Direct and Healthy Communication with the Customers

Mobile applications have introduced endless ways to encourage communication between brands and employees. For example, Push Notifications is one of the most efficient app communication channels. You can quickly get the latest notification a company shares with you if you have a mobile app.

It generally includes discount offers, sales, or the latest services a company offers.

Don’t send excess push notifications to customers as it annoys them. Only send them when they are needed to improve brand awareness. Direct Messages are another way to ensure active and desired communication with the customers. You can keep them updated with something new, including discount offers and sales.

– Builds Customer Loyalty

If your brand has loyal customers, its sale can be accelerated at any time. Interestingly, loyal customers spend more on your brands than non-loyal customers. Moreover, it is easy and budget-friendly to sell to existing companies than looking for new ones.

The introduction of the Customer Reward Program is an impressive initiative to win customer loyalty no matter if you have just introduced your business as a newbie. You can also create and promote content to explain your business type interestingly.

Custom Mobile App Vs. Web App: What’s Your Verdict?

No denial; the factors mentioned above are enough to choose the most suitable platform for your app. However, you need to consider other factors to select a unified platform for your newly established business.

Here is the list of some vital factors including.

    • The assumption about real-time delivery of app data
    • Offline productivity of app
    • Budget limitations
    • And much more

If you still want to know about the most suitable platform for your business app development, then count on us. Wizspeed can provide you with the best app development services to create it for mobile phones or desktops. So, pay less and get the best-designed application according to your business goals and needs.