7 Principles of Effective Web Design in 2022

Learn 7 princpiles of Effective Web Design as your website is one of the essential aspects that significantly strengthens your brand’s presence. That’s why; it is imperative to design it right to attract maximum visitors. Also, your website is the place where you can nurture your bottom-of-the-funnel leads to get more conversions. So, designing a poor website gives a wrong impression about your brand and increases the bounce rate. You can hire a professional Chicago web design company as the expert designers and developers design your website after carefully looking into every aspect.

You must design your website after keeping audience and users-experience in your mind because a well-designed website can remarkably influence your business and audience. Remember, only the competent Chicago website design company designs a website according to your audience’s perspective.

Effective Web Design

Web Design Stats That Confirm the Significance of Effective Web Design

If you still think web design doesn’t matter, you must check some of these website design stats.

• 94% of First impressions are Associate with Your Web Design

It is necessary to set a good impression about your business when someone finds it for the first time. Your audience’s first impression matters as it leaves an everlasting impact on them and makes your business reputable. So, it can impress visitors by choosing an attractive web design. Only the best website designers Chicago understand your audience and design a website accordingly.

• 89% of Consumers Prefer Competitor’s Website After Poor Users Experience

Indeed, first impression matters, but maintaining a good impression for a longer is genuinely a daunting process. You must keep a positive image for the users whenever they visit your website. So, design an attractive website and ensure the best browsing experience. Visitors find it annoying and shop from your competitors when they can’t browse through your website and find desired information.

• 75% of Website Credibility Comes from a Good Design

Nowadays, so many swindles are running across the web. That’s why; users want to find a reliable website with strong credibility. Therefore, choosing a poor design for your website can make it look unreliable or a fraud. So, it is preferable to invest your money, time, and effort in designing an effective website that looks legit and reliable. Once you win your audience’s trust, sale starts increasing automatically.

Based on the above-mentioned web design statistics, designing a user-friendly and responsive website can have endless benefits for your business. Additionally, please do not overlook the importance of hiring a reliable Chicago web design company, as it can do wonders for you.
Now let us explore some primary principles of effective web design.

Principles of Effective Web Design

Designing a website relies on different vital aspects contributing to its perception. For example, you can build trust with a well-designed website. Also, it guides visitors to take some actions. Here are some essential principles Chicago website design companies must contemplate while designing a new website.

1- Website Purpose

Your website must serve a purpose and accommodate visitors’ needs. Interestingly, users interact better when you design simple to understand webpages for them. So, design a website after considering what the purpose of your website is? Are you adding guidance and practical information? Is it an e-commerce website, or are you a web design or development company? Each website can have different purposes, but here are some common ones;

  • Explaining Expertise
  • Brand Reputation
  • Maximum Leads Generation
  • Sales and Customers Support

If you are unclear about the purpose of designing your website, then there is a strong probability of putting your money at stake.

2- Simplicity

Simplicity is another key aspect that improves responsiveness and the best user experience.
You can achieve simplicity by focusing on different things.
Colors: Colors can better convey your company’s message and arouse emotional responses. So, choose a color that ideally represents your brand and influences customers’ behavior towards your company. It is recommended to select a minimum of 5 colors to make your website look exciting and vibrant.
Type: Typography and font-size also matter. That’s why; the chosen font size must appeal to the visitors. Therefore, you must select at least 3 fonts while designing the website.
Images: Images and visuals tell about your brand before visitors start reading the content. So, your chosen images must be impressive and convey your brand message.

3- Navigation Bar

Visitors can interact and find what they are looking for using the navigation bar. Therefore, you can retain maximum visitors using website navigation. However, visitors stop looking for information if the navigation is confusing and move to your competitors’ websites. That’s why it is strongly recommended to keep your navigation simple, coherent, and insightful.

4- Visual Hierarchy

It’s the elements’ arrangement according to their significance. Hierarchy can be maintained by size, style, whitespace, images, content, visuals, and typography. The key objective of hierarchy is to establish a pivotal point; it shows visitors where the essential information is.

5- Content

A well-designed website is incomplete without valuable and informative content. You can turn visitors into potential customers by writing and engaging content that explains everything about your brand, products, or services.

6- Load Time

Website load time truly matters for the visitors as they start losing interest when your website takes more than 2 seconds to load. Therefore, it is recommended to optimize your image size as it decreases loading time.

7- Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, more than half of the population uses mobile phones to browse the web. So, building a website layout according to multiple screen sizes is imperative. If visitors can’t open your website from mobile, there is a strong probability that they will never visit your website shortly. So, please choose the best website designers Chicago who are experts at designing a mobile-friendly and responsive website.

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