Pros and Cons of WordPress Website

Interestingly, WordPress was initially started as a blogging platform, let’s explore the pros and cons of WordPress website. However, now it has become a renowned and robust CMS (Content Management System) platform as it perfectly manages big websites in the industry.

WordPress has now become the default digital platform for 30% of the web and big media companies, including Sony, Spotify, and eBay. So, you have heard about WordPress but are not sure if it’s the right platform for your website or not. You must know the Pros and Cons of WordPress website before choosing this trendy CMS for your website.

We are currently breaking down some major pros and cons of WordPress offers. Undoubtedly, the ultimate decision entirely depends on your skill set, goals, and website requirements. We can help you with finding the right direction for you.
We have decided to explore some interesting stats and facts about WordPress. It will help you identify the significance of a WordPress website for your business.

Pros and Cons of WordPress Website

Before we highlight the Pros and Cons of WordPress website, let us draw your attention to some exciting facts about WordPress you all must know in 2022.

  • WordPress powers 75 million sites on the web (WordCamp).
  • 15% of renowned and top websites are powered by WordPress (WPBeginner).
  • Over 60 million people (about twice the population of Texas) chose WordPress to power their website and blog (WordPress).
  • WordPress is 10X more famous than Joomla and 9X popular than Drupal (Websitebuilder).
  • Thousands of new sites are created every day (WordPress).

All these facts and stats ensure the importance of WP, but you must check its Pros and Cons for a better decision.


All these facts and stats ensure the importance of WP, but you must check its Pros and Cons for a better decision.

WordPress Pros

Here are some pros you must know.

• User-Friendly CMS

You should know what WordPress is before creating a website on it. WP is considered renowned and a robust content management system because initially, it was known as an ideal choice for blogging websites. However, the finest thing about WP is that the admin can effortlessly navigate through the backend of the WP website. Also, editing content and adding new pages is a piece of cake for the admin. Interestingly, you can easily add or edit content without strong knowledge about content management. This makes WP a user-friendly CMS for everyone.

• Easy to Get Started

WP is easy to start with, mainly when you have chosen a third-party host to provide you with a one-click installation. After that, you can get complete guidance about the setup procedure, including site setting, theme selection, picking the right design, color, and so on.
You can launch an excellent website within a few hours without spending much time and effort. If you have content to add, the actual setup process is a breeze for you.

• SEO-Friendly

Do you know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best CMS for SEO for all good reasons? First, it can make your website SEO-friendly.
Let us see how WP is an SEO-friendly choice for your website

  • It entirely focuses on users’ experience
  • You can create eye-catchy permalinks using it
  • You can easily manage metadata
  • Images are easy to optimize
  • Loads faster
  • Mobile-friendly
  • You can integrate social media campaigns with your website
  • Customized plugins for SEO
  • Endless SEO-friendly themes

The reasons mentioned above are enough to know that WordPress is an SEO-friendly choice for your website.

• Endless Plugins

Surprisingly, there are 54,000+ free and paid plugins available for WP users. You can customize and improve your website using these plugins. Besides, you can make some specific changes to your website using these plugins. Nevertheless, it is essential to access quality plugins if you don’t want to hurt your website security.
Some other benefits are;

  •  Requires low hosting
  •  Cost-effective
  •  Easy content creation
  •  Scalable
  •  Flexible to use
  •  Integration with third-party tools
  •  Supportive community
  •  More often updated

And the list goes on!!!

WordPress Cons

No denial; there are endless good reasons to use WP, but it’s not the right choice for every website. So, let us dive into some cons of using a WP website for your business, especially in 2022.

• Endless Options Can Be Overwhelming

No doubt, using WP is not a daunting process, but the availability of unique features makes it challenging for you to understand them well and use them for your website. Likewise, if you don’t have a proper plan about what you want to include in your website, then WP can be overwhelming.
If you want to create something complicated by clicking through some available options, WP is not the perfect choice for you.

• Vulnerability

Surely, you know What WordPress is as it is an open-source platform and attractive to potential hackers. The probability of risk increases when you choose plugins without any proper knowledge.
Therefore, choosing plugins and WP themes is recommended after proper knowledge. Furthermore, you should install and access the quality plugins if you don’t want to create a vulnerable website for your business.
Hiring expert WordPress specialists is the best choice for you to reduce the probability of threats and create a secure website.

• Frequent Updates

Installing WordPress is not enough, as you must install several themes and plugins to ensure your website functions correctly. Sadly, using plugins isn’t simple as it comes with several compatibility challenges that become frustrating for the admin.
Besides, if you have created your website on WP, you know how frequent the updates are, and they hinder the functionality of plugins you have used for the website (especially when the plugins are incompatible).
So, if you are updating your website more often, create a backup of your data to avoid any inconvenience in the future.
Here are some other disadvantages.

  • Plugin bloat
  • Expensive Customization
  • Speed issues

WordPress Pros & Cons: The Final Verdict

Nothing is perfect here, as everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, WordPress has its pros and cons too. But, gladly, compared to disadvantages, the advantages are impressive. Also, you can efficiently resolve the issues with the WP website.
So, look at the bright side and choose WP as your business CMS.

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