Significance of Longtail Keywords in SEO

Gone are the days when broad standalone keywords were considered crucial to successful SEO strategies. Now, the importance of longtail keywords is evident.

In 2021, combining Google’s focus on intent and user experiences with voice search enhanced the importance of longtail keywords for business progression. Nevertheless, knowing how to find longtail keywords is crucial as they play a vital role in making SEO campaigns lucrative.

A year ago, looking for low-search longtail keywords was considered a useless activity that wasted considerable time and effort. However, tables have turned now, and according to ThinkwithGoogle, ‘You can easily connect with potential customers using longtail keywords. So, it is preferable to invest in these areas to observe real growth’.

So, if you don’t know longtail keywords and their implications in the digital world, you are missing out.


It’s never been effortless to explore longtail keyword opportunities. Because targeting keywords with low search volume and high conversion rate requires expertise. Therefore, always hire professional digital marketing and SEO agency that knows how to find longtail keywords. One significant advantage of such keywords is that they can boost your content in less time.
Do you want to know the importance of longtail keywords for SEO and digital marketing campaigns? If yes, then you are at the most suitable place.
We are currently discussing longtail keywords and how they help SEO these days. We will also discuss how to use longtail keywords in your content.

What are Longtail Keywords?

Longtail keywords are highly targeted search phrases that aim to serve searchers’ intent. Although these keywords have low search volume and low competition, they always ensure high conversion rates.

They are known as longtail keywords because when you plot your keywords according to their search volumes, such keywords always have less search. It means that only a limited amount of the audience searches these keywords each month.

Indeed, these keywords have limited search volume, but their key benefit is that you can easily rank them, and their conversion rate is also better than seed keywords.

The reason is quite simple, i.e., longtail keywords better explain users’ needs and are also known as intent driven. Once you have identified the customers’ search intent, you can easily create content that perfectly resolves all their queries.

       Point to Consider: Remember, the actual length of these keywords does not always matter technically. However, longtail keywords must contain more than three words due to their specialty. But precise keywords can include only one or two words too. For example, the brand name is also considered a longtail keyword due to its specialism.

Longtail Keywords and Their Importance in SEO & Digital Marketing

Undoubtedly, longtail keywords have several benefits, but we have highlighted some significant benefits for you.

• Limited Competition

One of the major benefits of these keywords is that they have low competition because they are brand or niche specific. As a result, their search volume is also low because not everyone searches for such keywords. Indeed, it’s not a good sign that limited people search for your brand-specific keyword. However, the upside is that you can easily rank these keywords without incurring much effort.

Some basic on-page and link-building practices can rank your homepage and make your website visible to visitors as per their requirements. However, it is equally necessary to choose these keywords properly. The selection of a renowned and certified digital marketing agency can help you achieve this goal because they understand your brand needs and the best possible strategies to rank your keywords higher on search engines.

• Higher Conversions

As we mentioned earlier, minor longtail keyword investigating can help you better discover the users’ search intent. Once you identify search intent, designing content per their queries becomes a piece of cake for you.

For instance, the search volume of ‘can meditation make you smarter’ or ‘does yoga improve your pose’ is low, but their conversion rate can be improved when you know the targeted audience and their search intent.

Additionally, you can also steer top-quality leads into your sales funnel as they can ideally complement your digital marketing effort with productive results. It is possible only when you know how to use longtail keywords.

• Optimizes Semantic & Voice Search

Interestingly, longtail keywords are a fundamental part of semantic search optimization. More than 50% of millennials currently prefer voice search daily to determine their inquiries online.

Remember, users always use longtail keyword phrases as their questions. For instance, ‘when it’s the right time to consume green tea for weight loss’ or ‘how to lose 10 kg within a month’.

We recommend you predict the intent behind naturally spoken and voice search questions because you can better answer these questions. They can help your business flourish better in the digital world.

Get Your Website Popular with Professional SEO Services

You can improve your website ranking and online business using longtail keywords. Therefore, knowing what are longtail keywords and where to use them for better results is essential.

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