10 Important Things a WordPress Developer Must Know

Learn 10 Important Things a WordPress Developer Must Know in this article. WordPress seems an easy-to-learn tool but requires an exceptional skillset if you want to become a professional WordPress developer. But interestingly, it has become the most common and renowned CMS (Content Management System) worldwide. That’s why business owners hire certified WordPress specialists to create a website that strengthens their online business presence.

But is it always necessary to learn WordPress development to start your career? The answer is yes!

Aside from knowing the basics of this tool, it is equally important to learn how to develop plugins, themes, widgets, and a proper website using REST API. WordPress specialists must know the nitty-gritty about JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, AJAX, jQuery, and MYSQL if they genuinely intend people to call them expert WordPress Developers.

Learning WordPress programming makes it easier for WP developers to find an excellent jobs with exceptional skillsets. So, learn WordPress development first and start your career afterward. WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites around the globe. However, professional WP developers must know some ins and outs before creating a WordPress website.

Things a WordPress Developer Must Know

Things a WordPress Developer Must Know

Designing a website is not a complicated process as different templates can be used for this purpose. However, creating a website using this renowned CMS requires years of practice.
Here’s what a WP developer must know to design a masterpiece that looks amazing on the web.

1- WordPress Installation

Gladly, WP installation is an uncomplicated process, and it all can be done within 5 minutes. Nevertheless, before installing WordPress for your next project, you must focus on a few essential things.
Firstly, make sure you have downloaded the proper unzipped WordPress package. Once you have downloaded the package, the next major step is to create the MYSQL database and user for WP on your web server.
Don’t forget to upload WP files to your desired location on a web server. Lastly, run the WP installation script by accessing the URL available in the browser.

2- Using Action and Filter Hooks

Hooks are all places where a WP developer can add his customized codes or changes something WP has set by default. These Hooks are available for use in two different forms: filters and actions.
Action: This hook initiates when WP runs and helps you cause a new action to occur. Besides, action helps create widgets when WP initializes and Tweets every time a new post is published.
Filter: You can modify your data using a filter hook before sending it to the database. It customizes codes and posts before posting them. So, a WP must know the key difference between action and filter hooks.
In simple words, you can’t modify your data using action hooks. Conversely, working with a filter enables you to receive some data.

3- Hierarchy of WP Templates

You can see multiple pages in WP templates as they all are sewed together from diverse template files. Each template represents a different page and makes up the content of individual pages from the WP admins.
Therefore, a WP developer must know the hierarchy of templates and use them accordingly.

4- Avoid Altering the Core

One of the significant guidelines of WP development is that you should avoid altering the core files. This is because every time WP updates its core, the core installation gets overwritten by including the latest upgrades in the discharge.
Resultantly, the installation system quits working and keeps the revamp from working. Moreover, it ruins the establishment by editing the core without any purpose.
Remember; editing the cores can create significant issues for WP security and simplify for hackers to overtake your website at any time. That’s why; prevention is better, and WP developers should avoid such practices.

5- Protect Your Site

One of the most remarkable things about professional WP developers is that they always know potential security threats, including SQL injections and malware. Therefore, you can adopt different practical methods to protect your website from hackers’ attacks. But first, it is recommended to follow the basic rule of thumb and develop the habit of upgrading themes and plugins more often.

6- Design Site-Specific Plugins

Site-specific themes are always advantageous, especially when you want to edit or upgrade a site without disturbing its theme. Moreover, they have another fantastic benefit, i.e., you can easily edit or extend already existing plugins without any problem.
Therefore, ensure you have not dropped code in your theme’s function php file whenever you think about customizations. Always create site-specific plugins for better results.

7- Enqueue Scripts and Styles

Different web developers can use different developer plugins for a WP. However, if plugins are hooking script and linking HTML tags to include CSS and JS files, there is a great probability of duplicates. Enqueuing is defined as CMS friendly way of adding scripts to WP sites. That’s why; it is preferable to choose enqueuing instead of linking HTML tags and scripts.

8- Develop after Debugging

You must keep one thing in mind don’t develop a site without enabling debugging. Additionally, it is recommended to keep it on until you have written all the plugin codes. Then, if anything doesn’t work appropriately, WP notices it and sends you a message related to the existing error.

9- Opt for a Right Hosting Provider

Generally ignored, hosting is one of the major components of designing a successful site. It improves your sales and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), speeds up your website, and protects it from potential threats.
That’s why; always choose a hosting provider with excellent customer support. Additionally, they should maintain an uptime record of accomplishment for everything.

10- Comprehend WP Database

An expert WP developer always understands WP database tables. Currently, WP has 11 default core tables. You can make changes with a password and other things if you know everything about the database. Furthermore, you can select desired themes without having access to the admin panel. So, learn more about WordPress programming before jumping into this field.

Wrapping-Up of Things a WordPress Developer Must Know

The ongoing demand for WordPress developers is increasing drastically around the globe. That’s why; it is suggested to choose this professional once you have the proper skillset and certification.
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