8 Modern Web Elements & Their Role to Generate Enquiries

If you run a business, your website is one of the critical tools in your arsenal to get more. And the effective use of web design elements can make a significant impact. You can attract more customers and generate sales from them by creating a valuable business website. So, what makes a reliable website different from a bad one? Introducing all the modern web design elements can make your website stand out from the crowd.

Besides, it never fails to impress new website visitors and customers. Nevertheless, before we shed light on modern Web Design Elements, let us briefly discuss some key stats to highlight the importance of an informative website design for your business.


Website Design Stats On The Significance of Good Web Design

Here are some primary stats on the importance of a good web design.

  • 94% of first impression relates to a website design.
  • Your website design decides 75% of the credibility.
  • Around 89% of users move to your competitor’s website after a poor user experience.
  • 74% of users preferable responsive and mobile-friendly websites.
  • More than 75% of companies invest in a good web design to give their brand and business a unique identity.

Based on the stats mentioned above, it is evident that website aspects genuinely matter for a business progression.

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Essential Web Design Elements

We are highlighting some major modern web design elements here.

• Navigation

It is essential to choose a web design that is easy to navigate, and the menu items must be accessed easily without any problem. The visitors should always know where they are and how to access the desired page where they want to. You can introduce a site map, as including it makes it simpler for visitors to visit your website at any time.

Remember, there is a significant difference between a well-designed website and a poorly designed one. So, ensure your website functions properly per your customers’ needs.

• Web Friendly

No matter if your web design is appealing and easy to use, no one will visit a website if the chosen design is not web-friendly. So, web designers must design a website that functions perfectly on every web browser.

Besides, alt tags and meta tags must be versed in SEO. Varied factors can influence your website’s visual appearance and placement, so ensure the chosen web design team knows everything about it.

• Visual Design

The first impression is the last impression. So, it is important to include the best graphics to make your website more attractive to visitors. Usually, your website has 10 seconds to impress visitors and potential customers. Visual designs matter as they make your website look professional and trustworthy.

Hence, add a flash intro, animation, and scrolling text to make your website visually appealing for everyone.

• Content

Content works like a backbone for a website. Indeed, well-written and SEO-friendly content can make your website rank higher on the search engine. Also, it’s the main reason visitors visit your website and stay on it for longer.

Therefore, add concise, informative, and easy-to-read content to your website. In addition, your web content and copy must be eye-catchy as it makes your web design pleasant, enlightening, and trendy.

• Information Accessibility

Not every visitor has enough time to visit your website pages in detail. Sometimes, they visit your website to get contact details, addresses, or related information. Therefore, we strongly recommend you place the necessary information in a simple site in an area that is easy to access.

Remember, not providing the required information to your visitors in plain text can frustrate them and make it difficult for them to stay on your website for longer. As a result, they stop looking for desired information and move to your competitor’s website.

• Interaction

The best thing about choosing the right design for your website is that it engages visitors immediately and grabs their attention on every page for a longer time. Besides, an engaging design is a crucial reason most visitors contact you. It is known as ‘conversions,’ and getting maximum conversions is the primary goal of every business website.

So again, you must ensure an interactive website for visitors and customers because no one wants to visit an annoying webpage with no unique feature.

• Intuitiveness

A well-designed website always anticipates what visitors think and caters to their needs. So, it arranges properly to make everything reasonable. If visitors are looking for one of the products or services you offer on a search engine or where you have listed them, then take them to the needed landing page without forcing them to filter through all the needless information.

Remember that the shortest distance can make the quest exciting, and no one wants to visit a website that requires you to filter through unnecessary info.

• Turnaround Time

You must consider several website aspects to make it pleasant for visitors. If your website takes ages to load, keep in mind that you can lose your website’s potential customers.

If you genuinely intend to convert website visitors into loyal customers, provide them with the finest user experience. You can reduce the turnaround time because if a website loads quickly, it can win your visitors’ trust.

Enhance Your Business With Responsive Web Design Elements

There are several Web Design Elements of modern web design, and you must pay heed to all of them as a business owner. Choosing a professional web designer team can help you make your dream come true.

You can count on us as expert web designers at Wizspeed who can create an impressive visual impact by designing a responsive website for your business.