How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing? Detail Guide

Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them (Doug Kessler).

No denial, content marketing, and web design work together hand in hand. If you work on web designing and ignore content marketing, you can never grab the attention of potential customers. Also, it becomes daunting for you to bring potential visitors to your website. Therefore, it is imperative to contemplate How web design impacts content marketing.

Interestingly, the world’s digital population increased to 4.7 billion in 2021. That’s why; companies must turn to digital platforms for the better and rapid growth of their ventures.

The concept of digital marketing is incomplete with SEO marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, and the real king, ‘content marketing.’ Amazingly, digital marketing has gotten massive recognition globally for all good reasons, including (but not limited to);

  • Better and broader reach to a targeted audience
  • Excellent return on investment (ROI)
  • Long-lasting shelf-time
  • Impressive results

No surprise, content marketing has become the most thriving market over the past few years. Surprisingly, 90% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use the latest content marketing strategies to grow their brand (eMarketers).

Remember, successful content marketing requires an effective digital marketing strategy. Nevertheless, you can attain this goal without an exceptive and thoughtful web design. Therefore, you need to look for a web content developer to create an eye-catchy web design with relevant and meaningful content.

Here is an instructive guideline for creating a web design that ideally promotes your web content and its marketing strategies. Also, we will provide you with some enlightening tips for the prompt promotion of your brand.

Let’s start!

Does Web Design Impact Content Marketing? How??

Most of the research studies have confirmed that around 95% of the visitors notice a web design, especially when they visit your website for the first time. Therefore, if you wish to impress them with appealing content, design the website according to users’ expectations.

You need to consider various factors before designing a website for your business. So, scroll down to learn what requires designing a website that grabs everyone’s attention.

Content Marketing

• Accessibility

Do you know the best way to read, understand and enjoy the content available on the website?
Your audience needs to access it every time without any trouble. Your content becomes worthless for the targeted audience if they can’t access it immediately. Generally, it takes less than 3 seconds for users’ eyes to notice the website area that attracts them the most.
Remember, your audience doesn’t have enough time to hover about the website to find the content they are looking for. So if you don’t provide them with the relevant content, they will start visiting your competitors’ website (And it’s not a prolific sign of your website, mainly when you have created it recently).
Therefore, you need to replace the traditional styles with updated ones. For instance, it is always preferable and well-recommended to use drop-down menus, burger menus, and search bars that make it convenient for the users to read content or reach a page in one click.

Pro Tip: You must design a website that provides easy navigation to potential users. Keep in mind that the website that can be navigated easily has greater power than any other tool. Therefore, your business must provide utter satisfaction and convenience to the customers.

• Readability

Indeed, creating content, blog posts, stories, or articles isn’t a daunting task. Nevertheless, creating content for READABILITY purposes requires considerable effort and time. Therefore, make sure that the targeted audience understands your content on the first go. Also, the chosen font and format of the content should be easily readable.
Hence, design a website after considering font, depth, consistency, size, color, etc. No doubt, content-heavy web design matters, but you must focus on quality first.
All such factors can considerably impact readability, so overlooking them can put your business at stake. The user-directed to your website through enticing web marketing strategies can distract if he experiences some readability issues.

Pro Tip: One of the essential things to ponder is that DON’T uses flashy colors while designing a website. Additionally, text color shouldn’t clash with the color of the background you have selected for your website. When your audience finds your content fascinating, it tends to stay on your website than the usual time.
Besides, it affects the overall search ranking of a website positively. Interestingly, more than half of your audience read the published content using their cellphones. That’s why; around 60% of users don’t recommend a brand with a poorly designed website on mobile phones. Moreover, 90% believe that the web design must look sleek and classy in mobile phones than laptops or desktops.
Hence, opt for an adjustable web design with adaptable dimensions in all screen sizes.

• General Appearance

Honestly, we all judge a book by its cover when it comes to marketing. Remember, you can never sell a good product wrapped in lousy packing. Similarly, your engaging content can never impress the visitors with an unappealing and tedious web design.
Usually, the visitors make an opinion about your website in less than 50 milliseconds. They can decide at a glance whether to stay on the website or not. Sadly, 40% of the visitors leave a website when they find the layout less striking.
Indeed, adding new content looks messy if you publish if the web page is not designed correctly. Therefore, choosing a web design that conveniently accommodates the bulk of the content is recommended. Also, the overall web page must look neat and easy to navigate for the users.
Pro Tip: Always add ample white space to bread. Also, use boxes and borders to provide enough space for content. Your content must be segmented appropriately to avoid clusters. It is always a fantastic idea to add visual hierarchy as it draws better attention of the visitors to specific segments in less time.
Theme plays a vital role in making your website look ‘Wow’ in no time. The chosen theme must be according to your company’s product or services. Your content quality and reliability entirely depend on the design of the website.
In a nutshell, design an uncomplicated, clean, and professional website.

• Users-Approachability

Users’ approachability or user-friendliness is one of the key features of any website. No denial, you all design a website for users and visitors. If the interference works amazingly with them, you can achieve the desired goals quickly.
Hence, a web designer must pay attention to all these significant factors.

  • Design a website with multiple categories and segments to create more content for the users/visitors.
  • The chosen design must-have browser’s availability on its top. It makes it simpler for the users to access the desired information without visiting multiple pages.
  • The written content must be spaced out well. The availability of space provides enough opportunity to visitors to understand and grasp the provided information. This way, they can improve the overall legibility of the content. Interestingly, you can buy content for your website as most companies offer web content management services at affordable rates. For example, the creative content writers and web content management team at Wizspeed provides top-notched content management services as per clients’ requirements.
  • Provide all the information in a flow and logical manner.

Follow the guidelines mentioned above properly to deliver a comfortable and lively user experience. Then, your audience will visit your website again and again in the future.

• Pictorial Enticement

Nowadays, the digital population focuses on visuals and visual enticement over anything else. Around 55% of the visitors prefer watching the brand’s videos they support.
The audience learns more about a brand by watching its pictures and videos. 40%-45% of marketers believe that illustrations and infographics always work great for their brand and website. Infographics and videos give a better idea about the services/products a company offers.
These visuals streamline the conception of the information and attract everyone who visits the website. Thus, add pictorial enticement with the written content to finely convey your message.

Wizspeed Will Help You Define Your Brand

If you have a well-designed website, you can take advantage of posting content on it without worrying about anything else.

We have explicitly mentioned the principles of a good-designed website. However, you must pay attention to all of them to grasp better knowledge and required information.

Wizspeed offers robust web solutions to grow your business. Therefore, believe in our creativity to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Trust us; our work speaks louder than words, and we know how to add distinctive elements and features to your website.