5 Common Web Design Myths You Must Ignore in 2023

No denial, online businesses these days mainly rely on their web design. But, whether running an e-commerce business or recently introducing an online boutique, you always need to design a unique website for a distinctive brand identity. Amazingly, hiring a web design Chicago company is an ideal way to achieve this objective.

Some web design myths have become famous among web designers around the globe. Surprisingly, most website owners also believe in those myths. We will bust some of the common myths in our today’s discussion. If you genuinely intend to enjoy the benefits of owning a website, you must ensure that all protocols have been carefully observed. Remember, only the expert web design company Chicago can design a website that better reflects your brand and grab the attention of potential visitors.

Sadly, most web designers and website owners are stuck with some common web design myths for quite a long time. It could be the main reason your website fails to impress customers and doesn’t generate maximum sales.
Let’s discuss some of them.

Web Design Myths

Common Web Design Myths

Remember, myths are not valid. So, whenever you see someone mentions them, try to correct them with facts.

Web Design Myths: Beauty Matters Only

Generally, many web designers think that a good web design always looks attractive. That’s why; they emphasize creating a website with impressive effects. However, they must know that it doesn’t impact visitors.
No denial, an attractive website matters a lot for your business, but it has no direct connection with users’ experience. Hence, it shouldn’t be focused too much. However, the expert web design Chicago company always designs a website by keeping users’ experiences in mind.

Beauty attracts visitors, but it is of no use if they can’t navigate through your website. Interestingly, 90% of users visit a website to find the answer to their question. Therefore, beauty and enticing design are useless if you do not provide the right solution.

Beauty is not the only concern, as users’ experience matters. So, if you want to take your brand or business to the next level, keep this thing in your mind. We recommend hiring a professional web design company Chicago because they design a website to offer the best user experience.

Myth 2: A Free Site Serves the Similar Objective

If a CMS website is offered for free, you must be concerned about it. Mostly, people assume that web designers are only interested in their money when they charge fee for a standard website.
You can go for a free website ONLY when you want to give an awful experience to your users. So let us define some significant disadvantages of using a website for free.

Poor Quality Design

If you are not paying for web design, you can never enjoy quality results. Do you know what is worse than it? You can’t complain web designer about the terrible design because you have not paid a penny for it.
Here are some other drawbacks of designing your website for free.

  • Undesired ads
  • Not SEO-friendly or responsive website
  • Zero customer support
  • Vulnerability

Do you want to experience something similar?
If not, then hire a certified Chicago web designer for this purpose.

Myth 3: The Charges of Web Developers are High

Firstly, you must know that the charges of web designers and web developers shouldn’t bother you this much. In due time, you can earn 100X that amount. However, it’s unacceptable when a web design agency Chicago charges unreasonable fees.
Factually, not all renowned and certified web design agency costs you an arm and a leg. CMSs have made it possible to get a user-friendly website within your affordability. You can create an easy-to-access website using Wix and WordPress that looks amazing and function perfectly.

Myth 4: Sales is the Key Focus

If you are not running an e-commerce business, then sales shouldn’t be your key concern while designing a website for your business. Undoubtedly, the ultimate purpose of designing a website is to generate maximum sales in the long run, but it shouldn’t revolve around sales every time.
Mainly, people consider the services of Chicago Web Designer when they want to point their customers to complete their sales. If that’s the core purpose of designing a website, then keep in mind that you can’t go very far with it.
Your potential clients and visitors are looking for a solution to concerns or issues they experience in your industry or the services you offer. That’s why; your website should resolve all those queries correctly.
Your focus must be on creating a platform that provides the best possible solutions to your customers’ concerns. Usually, big or successful companies make their FAQ or blog section where the visitors and clients can easily find the best possible answer related to their queries or your business.

Myth 5: Say Everything on the Homepage

Most web development agencies make this terrible mistake. They believe that users don’t need to investigate other pages to explore the services a company offers. So, they overload the homepage with all the information they have.

The truth is that not every visitor visits your homepage or reads the information available. Most of them open a link your company shares on social media or by searching on the search engines.

A professional website only adds precise and straightforward content on the homepage and
include some call-to-action buttons that can take them to different other pages. It is an ideal way to maximize users’ experience or everyone who visits your website.
Predominantly, the homepage or landing page is apt for offers and discounts. But, remember, there exists a massive difference between the landing page and the homepage. The expert designers make it easier for the visitors to decide in less time.

Work with the Top-Class Web Design Company in Chicago

The team of competent web designers should only offer web design services. Creating a custom website according to your client’s requirements requires huge expertise.
Gladly, the skilled web designers at wizspeed can design an easy-to-access website that guarantees the best users’ experience.

Avoid the myths mentioned above and contact us as we are the best web design Chicago company. Our incomparable work speaks better than our words.