WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com: Which One is Better? in 2023

WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com: Which One is Better? Find the answer in this article!

WordPress has become the trendiest way to build new websites as it powers more than 43% of all the websites on the internet. Indeed, WordPress’s popularity is unquestionable, but most people still don’t know the difference between WordPress.org Vs. WordPress.com.
When you look for ‘WordPress’ on Google, two websites rank #1 and #2. Nevertheless, if you have recently started working on WordPress, it is challenging to determine which one is better to use, i.e., WordPress.org or WordPress.com.

Don’t worry; you are not alone in this journey; most beginner WP developers don’t know the differences between .com and .org.
The current will explain the differences between WordPress.com Vs. WordPress.org. You can choose the best one as per your needs and requirements.

WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com

Top Websites Built on WordPress

We understand you are here to know some significant differences between .org vs. .com. First, however, let us highlight some popular websites built on WordPress. It will enhance the significance of WP for you.

  • The New York Times
  • BBC America
  • The Official Star Wars Blog
  • MTV News
  • Sony Music
  • 10Web

So, the above-mentioned distinguished websites ensure that WordPress is always an ideal choice when building a new website for your online solid business presence.

Difference Between WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com

The major difference between both depends on who hosts your website.

You can host your website using WordPress.org. That’s why it’s considered a more suitable option for these days. You can easily purchase your website hosting services and install WP software without any issue.

Conversely, WordPress.com takes on everything we have mentioned earlier. It is easier to start but comes with less freedom. You need to register your account before starting to build a website. That’s the NOTICEABLE difference that makes .org different from .com.

WordPress. Com Vs. WordPress.org: The Expected Cost of Using Them

You can build a free website using WordPress.com. Nevertheless, create your website on the free .com version of WP has some downsides.

• Drawbacks of WordPress.com

Let’s discuss those drawbacks of WordPress.com here, primarily when you use its free version.

  • Your website can stay under subdomain only
  • You can’t brand your website as removing WordPress.com ads is impossible when you use its free version.
  • The disk space of the free WP version is limited, i.e., 3GB only. Therefore, you need to maintain backup at some other secure places.
  • There is no way to monetize your blog.
  • You can’t install plugins and free or premium themes unavailable on the platform by default. Limited plugins and themes are the major drawbacks of using WordPress.com for free.

There are multiple cheap plans available for the .com version. But buying them is useless as they have limited themes and plugins. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a business plan if you want to create a customized website with unique plugins and themes.

Is WordPress.Org Better Than WordPress.com?

One of the most striking aspects of .org is that it helps you create a completely functional website at $35 in the first year and $50 each year after the first payment.

You need to pick the web host first to make things happen for you.

• WordPress.Org Vs. WordPress.com: Pros and Cons

Every version comes with some pros and cons. You can choose the most suitable one after carefully considering all its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of WordPress.org

Pros Cons
Complete Control: You can have complete control over the website. Because you are the website owner, you can also protect the data. Purchase Domain Name: WP is free, but you must buy a domain name and web hosting while using its .org version.
Customization & Flexibility: It is quite flexible to customize your .org website. You can change the plugins and install desired themes. Additionally, you can customize the functionality and design of the website. Requires Set-up: A bit of set-up is always needed whenever you use .org. You need to follow proper guidelines to avoid any inconvenience.
Monetization: You can run ads on the website without sharing profit with hosting platforms. It’s a terrific and passive way to earn more money online. Updating Themes & Plugins: You are responsible for updating themes and plugins every time you need them. However, the process is simple and doesn’t involve much effort.
Google Analytics: You can add tracking scripts, including Google Analytics, to your hosted website without worrying about restrictions. Website Security & Backup: It’s your job to maintain your website security and backup whenever needed.

If you are running a small business with a solid business plan, then using .org is the most suitable choice.

Pros and Cons of WordPress.com

Pros Cons
Free to Use: One of the most significant advantages of .com is that you don’t need to buy a domain name or host as you can use it for free. It also provides free subdomain and hosting for your site without additional cost. Ads Display: The ads on your website are quite annoying for the visitors. You can’t make money from those ads. Besides, you can’t fix the issue unless you are using a free version. You need to upgrade to the premium plan to eliminate those ads.
Simple Set-up: You only need to create an account and give a name to the URL. The setting up of .com is effortless. No Identity of Site: You can’t choose a custom domain name while using .com for free. Setting a unique subdomain is difficult because not everyone can remember a long URL.
Easy Maintenance: Handling backups and updates is not your job. WP can manage all such things for you. Limited Customization: You can’t install any custom theme on your website. You have to use limited available themes.

Create your website on .com if you don’t want to monetize it or want customized features.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org: Who is the Winner of This Battle?

If you are running a simple blog website and don’t want customized themes, features, updates, or plugins, then using wordpress.com is ideal.

On the other hand, if you must create a business website with custom themes, hosting, no site ads, multiple features, and plugins, then you must choose WordPress.org.

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